Yumby Toss a Wild Game of Skillful Throws and Heroic Blows


Yumby Toss App Review

“A wild game of skillful throws and heroic blows!” 

The statement sums up the game pretty well. If you were a fan of Angry Birds or any other game like that then Yumby Toss is for you. PlayGearz has taken the basic iPhone physics based game and totally revamped it.

The story begins with creatures called Gobblers that raided the Yumbies’ pantries and devoured all of their beloved cakes. One Gobbler was caught and then brought in front of the queen. The Gobbler confessed as to why it raided the Yumby’s pantry and it turned out to be because it along with the others was led by Colonel Crumpit whom was thought to be dead after being banished so long ago for his scandalous plots to make the queen fall in love with him. Now with the bitterest Yumby controlling these bottomless pit creatures all the cake in Yumbyland may soon be gone. Now it’s up to Olly and his friends to stop the Gobblers and keep the cake in Yumbyland.

Yumby Toss App Review

The object of the game is to toss the Yumbies and collect the cake slices. There’s only one thing stopping you though. Many obstacles will prevent you from collecting the slices like towering blocks, balloons and canes but don’t let that worry you too much because each Yumby has its own special abilities. Tork can bust down walls, Jozet is lighter than air, Daze is da bomb, Loon bounces like a ball, Frankus can crush any Gobbler and Olly never gives up. You will also be given power ups which can be used to help you pass each level. Tossing the Yumbies accurately may take some time to get used too but who doesn’t love a challenge. You can also collect coins that you can later use in the store.

Probably the most unique feature of this game is the store. With the coins you collect from each level you will be able to use them to buy outfits for your characters, new levels and even power ups. If you want to go through the hassle of collecting a bunch of coins to buy things in the store then you do have the option to buy coin bundles ranging from 8,000 to 10,000,000 coins. The game also features Game Center to offer you an achievement leaderboard. Also there are a total of 5 unique worlds and 45 levels to put you to the test.

Yumby Toss brings you HD graphics in 2D with cute cartoonish Yumbies, backgrounds and objects. Yumby Toss also has fun music to go with the game which you do have the option to turn off if you’re not a fan of it.

Yumby Toss is one of the best games to come out and this may be something you will see on Apple’s top game list. Overall Yumby Toss is a great game and if you are looking for an actual challenge then you have to get this game.

“You’ve never had so much fun tossing cute creatures into dangerous places!”

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Yumby Toss - PlayGearz, Inc.Yumby Toss - PlayGearz, Inc. ★★★★★

iTunes Description

Do you love tossing cute creatures into dangerous places?

If so, you'll love Yumby Toss, a wild game of skillful throws and heroic blows!

Explore 5 amazing worlds and 45 levels of destroying Gobbler forts and reaping the rewards.

Each world has its own challenges from spear chucking minions to poison gas. But don't worry, you have six heroic Yumbies to choose from:

– Tork can bust down walls
– Jozet is lighter than air
– Daze is da bomb
– Loon bounces like a ball
– Frankus can crush any Gobbler
– And Olly never gives up!

You've never had so much fun tossing cute creatures into dangerous places.


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