Your Child Takes Center Stage in Put Me In The Story


Your Child Takes Center Stage in Put Me In The Story

Put Me In The Story iPad Book App Lets You Personalize Books and Add Your Child as a Character

Put Me in The story is a personalized story telling iPad app designed to make your child a character in their favorite bedtime story. Your child will be able to experience the joy of being in a fairy tale world and feel special as they watch each page come to life before their eyes.

Catering to children of all ages, the app is a wonderful tool to aid in the development of your child’s language skills and improves attention span through interactive reading. Parents can use this app to create a custom story in which their child appears as a character in the best-selling children’s book, The Night Night Book by Marianne Richmond.

Simply take your child’s photo and enter their name into the app to watch how amazed they become as each page takes them closer to the story. Their name will show up on every page alongside slick animations and illustrations that will help increase their level of engagement from start to finish.

Each storybook can be read using the “Read to Me” feature which enables a voice narration and text highlights to teach your child correct pronunciation and proper word recognition. For children wanting to read independently, there is a “Read by Myself” button that encourages them to read at their own pace.

The app’s story book collection can be updated through the app’s website containing a catalog of best-selling titles from authors around the world. The stories are created for children aged 2-6 and all include a unique set of interactive features your child will enjoy using.

Put Me In The Story is free to download from iTunes and is compatible with iPad 2 or above. This app is a great tool for any parent seeking an innovative approach to teaching their child how to read.

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