xcalc for iPad – App Review

xcalc for iPad - App Review

xcalc for iPad - App Review

AppDictions App Review
xcalc for iPad brings some of the most convenient functions of a scientific calculator directly to your iPad!  Type and/or view entire calculations – even on multiple lines – before getting the answer so you can always trace your steps.  Supports simplistic calculations as well as trigonometric, logarithmic functions and scientific notations.  But it doesn’t stop there – xcalc for iPad also offers convenient unit conversion tools that can help almost any profession, such as length, area, volume, temperature, weight, energy, speed, power, and pressure.  There are also the little “extras” that make this app great like the 3 separate workspaces, the right/left-handed toggle button, the nice size of the buttons, and the use of color to distinguish the various functions.  All in all, a great calculator.


iTunes Description
xcalc for iPad is a scientific calculator with built-in metric conversion functions. It allows you to see the full expression input before a result is calculated, instead of calculating the result every time an operator is pressed.


1. Editable multi-line display for very long expressions
2. Colors separating numbers and functions
3. Support Left-hander and Right-hander button layout
4. Three independent calculation workspaces
5. Support copy and paste


1. Trigonometric functions, with degree and radian modes
2. Logarithmic functions
3. Percentage increase and decrease functions
4. Parenthesis
5. Scientific notation input
6. Constants – pi, e, and golden ratio
7. Memory functions – temporary remember a calculated result


1. Length (inch, feet, yard, furlong, meter, kilometer, etc.)
2. Area (square inch, square feet, etc.)
3. Volume (fluid ounce, cup, pint, milli-litre, litre, cubic inch, etc.)
4. Temperature (celsius, kelvin, fahrenheit)
5. Weight (gram, ounce, pound, ton, Asian catty and tael, etc.)
6. Energy (calorie, joule, BTU, etc.)
7. Speed (mph, km/h, knot)
8. Power (horsepower, watt, kilowatt)
9. Pressure (atm, bar, pascal, mm Hg)

Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

xcalc for iPad - Five Deer Ltd
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