Workout Hero Fitness App Log for CrossFit, Tabata, Paleo Diet

Workout Hero iPhone Fitness App Log for CrossFit , Tabata , Paleo Diet

Workout Hero iPhone Fitness App Log for CrossFit , Tabata , Paleo Diet

Get in Shape With Workout Hero iPhone and iPad App

Workout Hero is an exercise app for iPhone and iPad that will help you get in shape for spring break. Whether you’re looking for the perfect beach body or want to lose some weight to get yourself back in shape, Workout Hero is a comprehensive exercise app with designed to give you the body you want.

Based off of the CrossFit workouts, this app provides a way for users to track their daily routine and share workouts with others. The app comes with a calendar section, a workout log, RSS feed, a list of workouts, and extras such as how to cook food with paleo recipes, a CrossFit journal, and gym finder.

The app’s relatively generic design contains a lot of information to go through, which can be a little daunting at first but gets easier to use over time. You can add workouts to your calendar by simply selecting the date you want to add the workout to and tapping on the “+” button. Each time you add a new entry to the calendar you’ll be given the option to add a title, date, heart rate, and workout type from the list of workouts.

You can also create custom workouts or choose from the list of preinstalled workouts which target specific areas of the body. Workouts also come with videos showing the best way to perform each workout properly as well as an alarm option which reminds you when you should do each workout in your routine.

All workouts you complete are automatically added to your workout log where you can view more information about each workout and share it to your email contacts or friends on social networks. To keep up with CrossFit news you can access the regularly updated RSS feed to find out more information about CrossFit workouts and other information.

If you live close to a gym or are already doing CrossFit workouts, Workout Hero will make a good addition to your routine. Workout Hero is $0.99 from the iTunes app store and requires iOS 5.1 or later.

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