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When working we all have many important documents and files that help us get the job done. The application “PDF Connect” is an application that can help make managing all of your work a breeze while on the go. With this app in the palm of your hands lies the power to edit, scan, convert, organize and do so much more to the files important in your life. Get working today!

After launch users are greeted by the PDF documents tab. This is where users can find all of their imported documents in one convenient spot. Across the top of the screen users can then search, organize and add new documents, folders and more with the tap of a button. The design of the app features nice colors and is very clean cut leaving no room for clutter to distract the users workflow. To begin working with a document simply tap it to begin.

PDF connect is the ultimate application for working while on your mobile devices. While being full of features the application still remains easy for everyday users to understand. Getting started with a PDF while in PDF connect remains simple as well. The application holds the ability to convert over 200 file formats to PDFS. Users have the ability to do this in a variety of different ways, they can scan them in using the devices camera or simplify transfer in a pre-existing one as well. Have multiple pages that you’d like to scan in as one PDF, you can do this too. Once a PDF is entered into the application there are lots of things users can do with them. As PDF Connect is a full fledged workhorse for PDF documents users can begin filling in items, editing them and continuing to work on them just like they had before.

Making PDF connect so much better than other PDF business applications are its useful features and the efficiency behind them. PDF connect is formatted and enhanced with all of things everyday workers will need to make their lives easier. Sign documents while in the app, crop and adjust scans and so much more. With the support of multiple file types users can easily even add their documents into the app and begin annotating them and more in seconds. And once your document is how you’d like or at anytime there are plenty of great sharing options as well. Share via wifi, cloud storage or even open those very same documents in other PDF compatible applications. With PDF Connect the options are virtuously limitless.

A top notch work experience awaits and is just the tap of a download button away. PDF Connect is available for $5.99 in the App Store for all iOS devices running iOS 5.0 or later.

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