With Fuze Mac App You Can Host or Attend Online Meetings

With Fuze Mac App You Can Host or Attend Online Meetings

With Fuze Mac App You Can Host or Attend Online Meetings

Fuze Mac Meeting App Brings Online Meetings To A Whole New Level!

Online collaboration tools are becoming increasingly important in today’s fast paced information-centered environment. As businesses become more technologically inclined, work groups become more distanced, and the online web sphere continues to expand, people look to online collaboration software to get the job done.

Fuzebox is an online collaboration mac app that’s been around for quite some time and is considered as the holy-grail of online collaboration tools to several regular users. The software not only allows for boundless communication between different users, but also provides a self-contained interface where users can securely share files with each other.

Among the pool of features, you’ll find a flexible video capturing tool capable of capturing HD videos for conferences and other online meetings, a call function that can be used to forward incoming calls to your phone, VoIP integration, and a set of comprehensive presentation creation tools.

The advanced file sharing options create a cross compatible environment in which users with different devices such as iPhones and iPads can easily join collaboration sessions and share files in any supported format with others. As a result you can drag and drop documents, videos, images, and audio and use the various annotation tools to add notes others can view them on their devices.

The application’s beautifully designed interface also allows you to host several live video streams simultaneously and multitask with greater efficiency. Video streams can be transferred to external displays such as HDTV screens or computer monitors giving you more options when deciding on the most convenient platform to host your session.


One of the benefits of using this software is that you get daily demonstrations showing you how to use the different features to their fullest extent. These walkthroughs are very effective for beginners and help simplify the complex feature set into something more palatable.

This is a very high quality app that when used correctly will drastically improve communication in a variety of daily and business situations. The only downside is that this is an exclusively mac based app, so users on other computer platforms won’t be able to use it.

You can download Fuze for your Mac OSX running OS 10.8 or later by visiting from the Mac app. This is a free app and is highly recommended.

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