What the Walrus Knows: A Guide to Beastie Energies

What the Walrus Knows: A Guide to Beastie Energies

What the Walrus Knows: A Guide to Beastie Energies

Discover Your Inner Beastie with What the Walrus Knows iPhone and iPad App

What the Walrus Knows: A Guide to Beastie Energies is a spiritual iPhone and iPad app that lets you discover your inner beastie with a variety of mediation and self-affirming messages. According to the creator Sarah Seidelmann, a beastie is basically a wild animal (or Power Animal) that gives you guidance throughout your life once you develop a magical friendship with it.

Discovering your beastie is akin to finding your purpose on this earth and find the answers to the questions in your in life. The main menu is divided into four sections, Divine, Field Guide, Discover, and Join the Buzz. Each of these sections contain different information regarding your beastie and can be accessed anytime you start the app.

In the Divine section you can ask a beastie for help with a specific issue in your life. Following the instructions screen that describe how to go about asking your questions, you are shown a short animation then an answer to your issue based on the advice of a random beastie. Each beastie provides its own unique set of helpful tips that are actually quite profound once you start looking for answers.

A history of all your Beasties are shown in the Journals section where you can add notes to each of the results and sort them according to Beastie or date. Selecting the Field Guide option from the main menu allows you to search for every single Beastie available alphabetically or by category such as land mammal, sea creature, insect etc.

If you’re skeptical about the whole Beastie thing or want to delve deeper and discover your own beastie, you can tap on Discover to go through a guided 20 minute meditation session or use the Q&A to find out how you can discover your Beastie. And for a more comprehensive understanding on beasties, you can purchase a book written on the topic by Sarah Seidelmann through the Join the Buzz section.

Whether you’re going through a stressful situation and need to find a solution or wondering what your purpose is, What the Walrus Knows offers some insightful tips about how you can approach any situation. The app costs $2.99 from the app store and requires iOS 5.0 or later.

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