What I Own an Inventory Management App for iPad

What I Own an Inventory Management App for iPad

What I Own an Inventory Management App for iPad

Submitting Insurance Claims on Damaged Property Just Got Easier with What I Own for iPad

What I Own is an iPad inventory management app designed to simplify the process of making insurance claims on damaged property. Through the app’s iPad flexible user interface you’ll be able to keep track of all your personal belongings and manage them appropriately in the event of an accident.

You can use this inventory app to keep track of everything from expensive property such as your car, or house to individual items like household appliances and electronic devices. Each item entered can also be categorized according to property type which makes searching for any of your belongings easier when you have a long list of items to keep track of.

In addition to being able to specify each object’s category, you can add details about the manufacturer, name, purchase place, price, model number and serial number. The app also gives you the ability to specify the object’s condition and add a picture or receipt to the item description.


Once you’ve entered all of your items you can create a detailed report and save it as a PDF file for viewing on other 3rd party applications. There’s also a backup option that lets you backup all your files to your Dropbox account and restore them on other devices in case you need to.

This app is fairly easy to use, and offers a very simple but effective way of dealing with lost or damaged inventory. With its basic design and handy search function you can use to filter items according to specific attributes such as category, purchase place, condition etc., this is a good tool to have during the insurance claim process.

What I Own is compatible with iPads with iOS 4.3 or later and costs $0.99 from iTunes.

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