Website Login Manager and Password Keeper, Secure Keychain Wallet

Website Login Manager and Password Keeper, Secure Keychain Wallet

Website Login Manager and Password Keeper, Secure Keychain Wallet

There’s nothing more irritating than wanting to login to one of your favorite sites and forgetting your password. With so many sites and so many passwords this begins to create one big headache. Thanks to the application “LoginBox” you can enter in your password once, have the application record it and login automatically for you whenever you’d like. Never worry about a password again.

After launch users are greeted by a very well designed display of the apps tutorial. With a few short taps users are shown just how simple LoginBox is to use. Shortly after the tutorial completes the app is then openly displayed. Across the top of the screen users can find buttons to access settings, edit all inputted login boxes and lastly add new ones. In the center of the screen is where users can find all of their login boxes. Each box has a corresponding avatar and displays the name and web address of the site. To get started inputting your own login boxes just hit the plus button on the top right corner of the screen to begin.

It’s a pain having to remember passwords but thankfully the developers at Mygo Software have created an incredible app to help. LoginBox is an application that records what you input as you login to popular sites like Paypal, Amazon, bank account sites and any others you’d like. By hitting the plus button on the main screen users are then prompted to enter in the website address of the site you’d like to add as a login box. After entering in the address the app then tells you to prepare for the app to record. As you tap to sign in to your account for the address you can see on the top of the screen the record button moving. While recording the application memorizes all keys tapped for logging into that particular site. Once logged in you can begin enjoying the site like you always do. Coming back into LoginBox to access your favorite sites is when you’ll notice just how great the app is. You’ll then find a list on the center of the screen of all the sites you’ve added into the app. Just tap the one you’d like to open and then enjoy as you watch the app login for you!

Making LoginBox so much better than other password applications is its functionality. Most similar applications only seem to physically hold your passwords, but with LoginBox it holds your passwords and lets you surf and browse the sites you enjoy while in it as well thanks to a full built-in browser. And don’t worry users from the settings menu can protect their passwords by setting a passcode for the application. After so many failed password attempts the app can even self-destruct if you’d like ensuring ultimate protection. Remove ads, sync across all of your devices, enjoy unlimited logins and more with available in-app purchases. With whatever LoginBox experience you choose one thing is sure, you’ll definitely enjoy your time with it.

With a beautiful design, easy to use features and the ability to never have to remember passwords again this is a must have for your devices. LoginBox is available for 99 cents in the App Store for all iOS devices running iOS 6.0 or later.

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