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The weather is one of the most difficult things to predict – and one of the most important. How many days have you gone out without an umbrella only to have it rain cats and dogs just as you’re walking to work? On the other end of the spectrum, doesn’t it piss you off when you’re clad in multiple layers and you realize you’re going to be sweltering the whole day?

Well, now there’s no need to find yourself unprepared from the day’s fickle weather. Ynfo.Apps is offering a nifty little app called Weather …Wow! and it promises to provide the most accurate weather forecast for your everyday activities. Now you can just swipe at your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

Apart from the up-to-date technology that ensures accurate predictions, what sets this application apart is the sublime interface. Smooth navigation and easy instructions keep Weather …Wow! at the front of the pack. In addition, despite the fact that it is very simple to use, the makers have managed to make it interesting. The weather predictions are reported with special animations. It actually managed to make the most ordinary topic seem fun and interactive.

The latest version is an improved Weather …Wow! after the bugs have been fixed. This is an even better investment, so don’t miss out.

It’s great because the application is global-friendly. The Weather …Wow! app can give you updates, anywhere you are in the world. You won’t have to be caught off guard again in a downpour – whether in your hometown or in a foreign country. It also includes the option to choose your native language.

To make the most of the application, keep updated not only with the weather but also the latest news in your city of choice.  With Weather …Wow! you’ll never have to be behind the latest in and outs.

iTunes Description
Are you searching for the best app to get the most complete and accurate weather forecast on your own device? Your research is over…keep on reading the description!

– "Weather …WOW!" speaks all the languages of the world!! The app is able to give information about the weather in all the places and in every language of the world, depending on your device settings.

– Awesome GUI!
"Weather …WOW!" has an original and tidy interface! Easy and intuitive, the app gives you updated weather forecast through special animations! The whole GUI is animated and watching it is fun!

– Choose all the towns you want!
With "Weather …WOW!" you can set up the list of our favourite town and browse the weather information belonging to them!

– Updated weather forecast!
"Weather …WOW!" is able to get the latest weather forecast in your favourite towns, thanks to the best web techologies!

– Latest news!
In addition to the updated weather forecast, you can take a look at the latest news of your town! With "Weather …WOW!" you can check weather forecast and latest news in the same interface!

Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

iPhone App:
Weather ...WOW! - Ynfo.Apps

iPad App:
Weather ...WOW! - Ynfo.Apps

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