Weather Magic Pro Live Weather and World Clock App

Weather Magic Pro Live Weather and World Clock App

Weather Magic Pro Live Weather and World Clock App

Weather and Time in Your Pocket with Weather Magic Pro iPhone and iPad App

Weather Magic Pro is a comprehensive weather app for iPhone and iPad designed to give you detailed weather information in any location around the world. Featuring a dynamic user interface packed with customizable metrics, a weather map, and live backgrounds, this is app offers a fully featured solution for all your weather needs.

Once installed, the app will scan your current location and automatically display the current weather on screen. From the settings menu you can change settings such as the units for temperature, wind speed, and pressure. There’s also a weather alert feature which sends you notifications about any major weather changes in your area.

The default layout offers a lot of information at a glance so it might be useful to remove some elements from the settings menu for a more streamlined readout. Other than the weather temperature, the interface also provides information about the current time, min and max temperatures, visibility, wind speed, winch chill, humidity, pressure, and other details.


On the bottom of the interface you can view the upcoming forecasts by hour and by day. One of the cool features about the design is the background image that changes according to the weather. Depending on the weather outside the background will display a moving image showing the current conditions and time of day. You can even add a secondary location if you want to monitor the weather in other parts of the world.

For a more comprehensive look at the weather forecast the app gives you the ability to view a cloud map similar to one that you would typically see on a TV forecast. You can toggle between a cloud map, satellite map, and rain map — all of which are updated daily with the latest weather forecasts.

Weather Magic Pro requires iOS 4.2 or later and costs $0.99 from the iTunes app store.

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