Warren Charles Head in the Clouds Interactive Music App

Warren Charles Head in the Clouds iPhone Interactive Music App

Warren Charles Head in the Clouds iPhone Interactive Music App

Warren Charles: Head in the Clouds is an interactive music app for iPhone and iPad based on the latest album by pop rock band, Warren Charles. Containing a handful of interactive games, articles, and music from the album, this is the best way to discover the band members and inspiration behind their music.

By tapping on the various images in the main menu collage you can access different interactive content and watch as the album comes to life. A song from the album provides a musical backdrop to the interface which further immerses you into the world of Warren Charles: Head in the Clouds.

You can tap on the leaf, TV, silhouette of the man with a light bulb head, a thunder bolt, pieces of newspaper floating around, and a picture of married couple in the distance to start one of the mini games.  The mini games range from a memory game where you have to locate certain items to unlock a collage to a fun game that involves you controlling a character as he runs to the alter to meet his wife.


All the games have some significance to the overall album which you’ll discover after completing them. There’s also a custom music player modeled after an analog music console that you can use to play the entire album and purchase it from iTunes.

There are a lot of things to explore within the app’s content which makes this a really good app for fans or anyone wanting to know more about the band. Admittedly there are a few mini games that feel a bit unfinished in design, however this is overshadowed by the responsive user interface and cool information you get to discover.

Warren Charles: Head in the Clouds requires iOS 5.0 or later and costs $1.99 from the iTunes app store.

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