Voypi – App Review

Voypi - App Review

Voypi - App Review

AppDictions App Review
Are you sick of paying for text messages and phone calls?  Free yourself from charges with Voypi, a new VOIP app.  If you have paid an arm and leg for international calls, don’t have unlimited text messages, or just consistently go over your minutes Voypi will help you save $$$.  Voypi is a very simple application that uses your data connection to place calls and send text messages.  Your phone number is your ID so there is no need to create an account and input all your personal information.

Voypi comes with its own messaging in-app interface that looks similar to the native iPhone messaging system, which is very easy to use. There are even built in emotion icons, but will only appear with your Voypi contacts list. The voice quality over VOIP highly depends on the speed of your data connection, but to be completely honest we had zero problems when testing this app.

Voypi works great. Navigating the app and syncing happens in a snap. We are sure you will save some green and love this app as much as we do.


iTunes Description
Don’t you wish that your phone calls and text messages were absolutely free?
With Voypi you can call or text to other Voypi users anywhere in the world absolutely free. No ads. No catch. Voypi is super easy to use. It works with your phone’s contact list so you won’t need to change anything in the way you call or text friends. Voypi is always on (just like your phone) so you are always connected and it won’t drain your phone’s battery. Free. Easy.


  • Voypi is ABSOLUTELY FREE. Unlimited calls and texts to your Voypi friends. Anywhere in the world. Any mobile carrier. No hidden fees. No ads. No tricks.
  • Voypi is SUPER EASY TO USE. In your existing address book find friends who already use Voypi. Tap Voypi to call or text them for free. Want to invite other friends to Voypi? Easy! Just go to their contact information, tap the Invite button to send them an invite, then call and text them for free!
  • GREAT SOUND QUALITY. As long as your phone has a data connection (wifi or 3G) you’ll hear your friends loud and clear. Anywhere in the world.
  • Voypi is ALWAYS ON (just like your phone). You won’t have to log-in to receive calls or texts.
  • Voypi WORKS WITH YOUR ADDRESS BOOK so you can call, text and invite people to Voypi directly from it. No need to create an account with a special user name. No need to search for friends on a database. Easy!
  • iPhone, iPad, iPod touch & Android 2.2 or higher ready, BlackBerry coming soon!

So give it a try and invite others to join Voypi. Remember – the more Voypi friends you have, the more you can talk and text for free.

May your phone be free.
The Voypi team

Privacy Policy: http://www.voypi.com/term
Facebook: Link to http://www.facebook.com/voypi
Twitter: link to http://twitter.com/voypi

Please tell us what you think about Voypi!  If you have any more great ideas for our next version, we’ll work hard to make it happen! Email us at support@voypi.com and go to our facebook page http://facebook.com/voypi

Operator data charges may apply
* For the best free phone experience we recommend iPhone 3Gs/4 running iOS 4 and Android 2.2 or higher

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

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