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Dreams; a place where ordinary children find the magic they constantly seek in the real world. When you are awake, you can find this magic in fantasy books and stories. In novels, entire worlds come alive, quirky characters embody real personas and fiction seems real. This is where the dreamy people find refuge from harsh reality.

Developer Brite Kids has relased an application that combines the fantastic worlds of dreams and books. Vixes HD is a new interactive e-book for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. This is one application that is an excellent learning material for every children–and even for adults!

Vixes HD's premise is a wonderful one. Vixes are charming little people who are tasked with the enchanting activity of bringing the world their dreams. Adorable little Vixes Valie and Alie might soon get the chance to be Dream Deliverers, and they cannot wait. The characters are cheery and adorable, certainly ones that children will find difficult to resist. Even adults will love reading about these cute creatures.

Children will enjoy exploring the world of the Vixes, especially since there are plenty to see and do in the place. There are fun puzzles and interesting voiceovers to entertain every player. And Vixes HD definitely leaves space for every kind of player, with options to choose from a variety of different languages. This allows non-English speaking people to avail of this wonderful application at any point.

The graphics of Vixes HD is absolutely top notch. Like previously said, a lot of elements in the real world are believable in this virtual one, with the added magic of fantastic touches. The illustrations are excellent, so is the background and animations. Being very visual definitely adds an extra dose of realism to e-books.

Vixes HD is available at the App Store for half its original price for a limited time only.

iTunes Description
Vixes is a unique rich interactive book for children and their parents for iPad!
Limited Time Offer — 50% OFF for iPad this week!

#1 paid interactive book for children in AppStore in Russia!

Also available on iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and iPod Touch!

It is packed with beatiful artistic backgrounds, fully voiced and features little Vixes — Valie and Alie, in a long and engaging story with logical and intuitive puzzles.

Vixes are jolly and hard-working little people. When night falls on Earth, the Sun shines bright in their world — and they work tirelessly to bring us sweet and colorful dreams.
And Valie and Alie are, as you may have guessed, Vixes — and even though they are pretty young, they are going to be Dream Deliverers one day. And this day might come much sooner then they expect…

– funny and lovable characters
– beautiful hand-drawn animations
– lots of fully voiced interactive screens with puzzles
– multiple language option

Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 3.2 or later

iPad App:
Vixes HD - Brite Kids

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