Visualize – App Review

Visualize - App Review

Visualize - App Review

AppDictions App Review
So you have an idea and you want to share it, but it’s hard to explain without a visual representation. Visualize is a new iPad App that helps you put your ideas on paper.  The app is very simple to use. Simply download the app and press the “add” button to build a new project .  You can then use the awesome features of Visualize to bring your ideas to life.  Some of the great features at your disposal are the “Gallery” which provides you with a wide range of elements to use for your project, “Cutout” ability to crop/cut images away from a background, “Drawing” gives you the ability to comments and  add handwriting to your work, and “Layers” feature lets you lock specific objects in place and move them up/down .

Visualize is a useful “Photoshop Like” on-the-go type of application that was developed perfectly.  We are confident that Visualize can help you produce plans, notes, sketches, business proposals, rough design drafts, concept, and much more!  We highly recommend this Visualize.


iTunes Description
**Visualize your ideas with the most powerful image app out there! **
**Cutout images, and add comments and handwritings to your work!**
“A straightforward way to Visualize your ideas”
**Launch Special $2.99 – price goes to $4.99 soon!!

If you believe in the Law of Attraction, you know that thoughts lead to feelings that lead to actions that lead to results. But you just don’t think of a thought. You must visualize the thought as an image.
When we daydream, we visualize. When we fantasize about something, we visualize.

Reallusion Visualize delivers a whole new and easy way of quickly elaborating your ideas with business partners, classmates, friends and family.

Just like the Photoshop for on-the-go iPad users, it allows you to freely cutout any images from your album or camera, and add free hand-written illustrations and text messages, draw lines or shapes, to accentuate your thoughts.

The default image object library gives you full range of diagram elements, illustrative icons, and eye-catching stationary, which makes your works stunningly persuasive. You can also easily augment your own image objects via cutout tools and PNG import.

Moreover, Visualize is a powerful image composing tool to help you enhance your visual thinking with layer management properties, that allow you to tangibly manipulate your visions.

The layer features let you lock specific objects in place, move them up or down as a single item or as part of a group. This indispensable feature gives you the ability to well organize your projects and illustrations.

We are confident that Visualize can help you generate great business proposals, record class or meeting notes, sketches, plans, brainstorming sessions or just about anything.

Start today, and make your ideas tangible with the one and only Visualize !!

Benefits include:

1. image object (PNG) creation

Visualize provides 4 essential tools to define your cutout-mask area: Lasso, Crop, Brush and Eraser for easy extraction of objects.

  • The Lasso Tool allows you to trace along side a target area in order to automatically define the mask.
  • The Crop tool gives you the freedom to extract rectangular masks.
  • The Eraser tool allows you to erase unwanted areas.
  • The Brush tool gives you the ability to redraw your previously erased area.
  • You may work with pixel-point accuracy by using two fingers, to zoom and edit.
  • Undo any number of painting strokes with the handy undo-function.

2. Text editing

  • Visualize allows you to type text with the keyboard option.

3. Draw editing

  • Draw, or quickly scribble letters with your finger … brush style, color options

4. Special effects

  • Apply special effects to objects and backgrounds.
  • Adjust objects with white edges, feather edges, and different shadow types by using the slider and default templates.
  • Adjust background colors and special effects, including dark corners and blur strength.

5. Color adjustment

  • Adjust the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation and opacity of all your images, texts, or drawings.

6. Layer management

  • Easy to switch the layer order of on-screen elements
  • Ability to lock specific layer from moving and transforming.
  • Allow to link layers for group moving.

7. Export and Sharing

  • Share your final ideas in JPG format via Facebook / Piscasa / Email / Dropbox, or simply save to an album.
  • Export your transparent image objects (PNG) with selected effects, via email or Dropbox, for use with any email, document or presentation.
  • PNG objects support resolutions of up to 3 Megapixel (2048 *1536). Compatible with all major office or image editing tools on PC and Mac.

8. Help and Support

  • Refer to the Help Section for more information and guidance.
  • Watch video tutorials and learn the process step-by-step.

Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Visualize - Reallusion Inc.

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