Visual Travel Checklist – App Review

Visual Travel Checklist - App Review

Visual Travel Checklist - App Review

AppDictions App Review
If your someone that travels a lot or just always seems to forget something every time you travel, we have a solution for you!!! Visual Travel Checklist helps you prepare and pack for your trip.  Whether you are traveling for Business or Vacation, Male or Female, Visual Travel Checklist helps you with preloaded sample lists.  These lists are examples of what the app feels is essential for your trip. You have the ability to edit or add to these preloaded lists.  If you feel the lists are not what you need, use the blank list option to create your own.

Now it’s not called Visual Travel Checklist for no reason… This app is NOT a laundry list of words, it’s little icons representing each item you should bring with you. The items in your list can be sorted by Alphabetical or Unchecked/Checked, making the app much more effective than a hand written list.  So if you’re looking for an app to aid in your travel planning, Visual Travel Checklist is a good choose!!


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Introductory debut offer 50% off till 7/31!

“Visual Travel Checklist Makes Packing a Breeze” –
“This app is ideal for anyone planning a trip” – The Daily App Show

Create your own reusable travel checklists and check off things to do and things to bring! All visually!

Mobili Studio presents Visual Travel Checklist (VTC), a travel essential application that helps you prepare and pack for your trips. VTC provides an intuitive user interface with vibrant icons as the TO-DOs and TO-BRINGs. Who says getting ready for a trip has to be bothersome and wordiness? No longer is the process of writing on notepad then crossing tasks and items out needed! VTC is a brand new way to prep and pack!


  • Intuitive and easy-to-navigate user interface!
  • Over 250+ tasks and items, all represented by its own unique icons!
  • Customize up to 100 tasks and items that are not in the default database!
  • Create up to 5 different checklists that cater to your needs and reuse them over and over again!
  • Create your own list from scratch or 4 pre-defined sample lists!
  • Check and uncheck tasks and items in the easy-to-view packing area!
  • Set quantity on items to bring!
  • Sort items by categories, alphabetical orders, or by icons that are unchecked/checked!
  • Choose from 6 different themes that best suit your personal style!
  • Built-in visual tutorial!
  • Supports Retina Display with high-resolution graphics!
  • iOS 4 compatible!

*** Introductory debut offer 50% off till 7/31! ***

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later

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