VideoCam3D App Review

VideoCam3D App Review

VideoCam3D App Review

AppDictions App Review
New Flash: You can now create and convert 3D movies right on your iPhone! That’s right, developer NXP Software who has also given us a video app you may have heard of called CineXPlayer, has released VideoCam 3D, allowing you to create and convert 3D movies.

This app is extremely simple to use. Just choose a video from your camera roll to convert, then customize the settings of intensity, Output type, and viewing device and tap convert video. It’s that easy; really. The conversion takes a few minutes, but hey, you’re getting 3D movie conversion on your mobile device for a dollar! The converted videos look great and you may also transfer files through iTunes for conversion and storage.

VideoCam 3D is available in a Lite (free) version, but for only $0.99 you get the full version with all of the bells and whistles. VideoCam 3D is the first of its kind and is definitely worth adding whether you have only one video in your camera roll or you are an aspiring  filmmaker.

iTunes Description
Create your own 3D videos – or convert your old videos to 3D right in your hand!  Special Launch Price $0.99 USD. VideoCam3D is the only app that allows you to both make new 3D videos and turn old, 2D videos into 3D.

Simply select your movie from the CameraRoll, set the output viewing mode (for fun glasses (red/blue) or
side-by-side), then press the convert button. It’s that simple!

Have fun by uploading your converted 3D movies to YouTube or Facebook. Let your friends see your
movies in 3D – they’ll be amazed.

We also have iOS devices without cameras covered. You can load home movies through the standard
iTunes filesharing, and then let VideoCam3D convert those to 3D.

Demo video (you need red/blue glasses)

VideoCam3D is brought to you by NXP, makers of CineXPlayer, the best way for to view, store and
manage your digital film library.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

iPhone App:
VideoCam3D - Record and Convert Videos into 3D Movies! - NXP Software B.V.

iPad App:
VideoCam3D - Record and Convert Videos into 3D Movies! - NXP Software B.V.

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