Video Baby App Review

Baby Video App Review

Baby Video App Review

AppDictions App Review

To the delight of parents everywhere, Video Baby provides downloadable shows for children on the iPad.

The parental controls of Video Baby will give it instant likability with parents. Once you establish a profile(s) which is simple to do, you can start building your playlist from the video selection. Set up multiple profiles to suit the child, perfect if you are raising sextuplets, or even just one.

The interface displays the movies in a retro-style tube television set, which is a nice touch and a bit nostalgic (even though some reading this may not be old enough to remember these!) Controls on Video Baby are extremely easy to use so that children, depending on the age can even use them; navigation is simple and features large icons. Parents can also
secure the video by locking controls, making sure the video cannot be changed without you knowing.

Perfect for use on the go like in the car if you do not have an in-car DVD player, or out at any event when you need to keep the children occupied. Another benefit of this app, once you download the movies, they are on your device so you can view offline as well.

One small reminder for Video Baby – you must be running iOS5 on your device. There are in-app upgrades available for just a few dollars, but Video Baby is downloadable at no charge. Pick up Video Baby and watch some videos, baby.

iTunes Description
Video Baby brings fun and simplicity back to the Video experience with a new, intuitive and exciting design.

Video baby makes navigating videos so easy even your baby can do it. We’ve design Video Baby
so you can let your children view what you as a parent preset as appropriate material making sure they
never see inappropriate content.

We have designed and tested Video Baby for children of all ages, including you ☺ , so that You too can
enjoy the simplicity of organizing and viewing videos with an amazing look and feel and intuitive
interface. But children please… no fighting over this iPad app!

for more information, suggestions or anything that comes to mind,
please feel free to contact us at

Please note: Video Baby does not return results from the YouTube website!

Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

iPad App:
Video Baby - Iyedah

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