VadoVia is a crowd-sourcing travel app for iPad

VadoVia is a crowd-sourced travel app for iPad

VadoVia is a crowd-sourced travel app for iPad

VadoVia is a crowd-sourced travel app for iPad that puts a spin on discovering new locations during vacations. Whether you’re trying to find the best spots to eat, go for a date, or view historic sites, VadoVia will make the task of finding those places easier than ever. And since everything is contributed by other real travelers, you’ll always stay updated on new locations and inside scoops from tourists around the world.

The app’s intuitive interface is easy to navigate and comes packed with functionality that will please any avid traveler. On the bottom of the screen, you’ll be able to switch between the home screen, profile page, tour guide, search, world map, and camera. There is also a postcard feature that can be used to send virtual postcards to friends on social networks.

The profile section of the app allows you to create your personal profile pages complete with your own biography, background image, and location. You can also add other people as friends by tapping on the appropriate icon on your profile page and selecting the person you want to add to your friends list. You’ll also be able to place a link to your website and view tours you’ve created.

The tour guide section is where you can get into more detail about tours you’ve created and tours that have been created by others. In addition, you can select and create tours based on your preferred mode of transportation — walking, biking or driving. Once you’ve published a tour, other users can edit it and add ratings. Each tour can also be supported by images, videos, and notes to help a tourist gain more information about the site as they travel.

VadoVia costs $5.99 to download from the iTunes app store and is compatible with iPads running iOS 5.0 or later.

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