Turn Pics Retro with Vintique Vintage Photography App



Turn Pics Retro with Vintique Vintage iPad and iPhone Photography App

Vintique is an iPad and iPhone photo editing app that provides awesome vintage photo effects and powerful image correction tools for your pictures.  Now updated with new message frames, you can personalize your photos this coming holiday season with meaningful text and eye popping designs that will make your photos stand out even more.

You can use the Vintique app’s camera to take images at 612×612 px, 1224×1224 px, and at the iPhone’s full resolution of 2448×2448 px. Photos taken with the app are saved to your camera roll where you can easily access them and choose the one’s you want to apply photo effects or image correction to.

During the image selection process you can use the move and scale tools to adjust the position, and crop your image. Also included is a center tool which zooms into the center most point of your image so that it fills up the whole screen, a rotate tool, and three 3 grid types you can place on top of your pictures to apply the rule of thirds.

After tweaking your image’s positioning you can then go into the edit screen to start adding various effects to your image. There’s a nice assortment of filters, ranging from warm filters, to multicolored effects, to the dingy textured filters of cameras used in earliest centuries of photography, all of which add a lot of character to any regular picture.

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If you hold your finger on a filtered image, the effect will be temporarily removed so you can see what your picture looks like with and without the effects. There are also image correction tools that can be used to adjust your image’s brightness/contrast, vibrancy, temperature, highlights/shadows, exposure, gamma, and hue.

The “revert” feature allows you undo any of your changes without losing your original image settings and you can also create custom filter effects by layering different textures and vignettes taken from the default filters.

One of the best ways of adding extra flare to your images is by using the frames, which have been improved to allow for more customization. In addition to the standard vintage frame presets, you can now add a text message of your choice to each the Polaroid frames that come with the app.

The frames support two aspects ratios, the regular 1:1 or full screen frame, and the 1:1x, which is a slighter thinner frame.  Each frame has its own unique design with a text box you can add your message to. The Christmas frames are a particularly nice addition to the mix and are a good place to start if you’re thinking of sending a holiday postcard to one of your relatives this season.

With all the frame choices, photo filters and image correction tools, you’ll be able to edit your photos however you want and share them with others. Vintique is compatible with iPhones and iPads running iOS 5.1 or above and is $0.99 from iTunes.

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