TrueKeyboard – App Review

TrueKeyboard - App Review

TrueKeyboard - App Review

AppDictions App Review
TrueKeyboard is an enhanced “Notes” applications designed with a great full 3D ergonomic keyboard.  This app supports 6 different languages, complete with the keys we all miss most (arrow keys and dedicated number pad), realistic animation and sound, and much more.  TrueKeyboard eliminates the need to carry a portable keyboard around with you and definitely fits your personal style with the option to select different keyboard colors. The only downside is you can only use the keyboard within this app.  We would love to see the ability to use TrueKeyboard with any app that requires typing.


iTunes Description

AUTO-CORRECTION AND SPELLER (based on your iDevice settings) 

“I would download this app in a heartbeat. The ‘KorenProjects’ Team has gone to great lengths to create not just a keyboard, but a 3D, ergonomic keyboard that on the large screen of an iPad, is pretty dang close to the real thing. You can customize the color of the keyboard, there are six language settings, and you can even set it to sound like an old or modern keyboard when you type. You also have a choice of three font sizes.
I enjoy having the arrow buttons, I do think this app makes emailing easier than it is within the Mail app.
Get it! “.

TrueKeyboard is an enhanced “Notes” application which brings a real keyboard back into your hands. With its realistic look and sounds, you’ll feel like you’re typing on your PC. 

TrueKeyboard even gives you arrow keys and a numbers pad, and you can use the spiral notebook theme to type your notes and email. 

With a no-compromise user interface and a realistic 3D look and sound, fully supports 6 languages, TrueKeyboard is the must-have application for your mobile device. This app is not just an alternative for Apple’s ‘Notes’ app keyboard that you’re using now. 

TrueKeyboard gives you PC keyboard capabilities, complete with those keys that you miss most, like the arrow keys and a dedicated number pad (by clicking on the #+= key). 

It’s all here, with realistic animations and sounds. You just may forget that you’re using a portable device. 

You are going to really enjoy typing notes in TrueKeyboard’s spiral notebook theme. Journal your thoughts, compose a letter or even write your new book. Once you’re done, just email or send via SMS. It’s so easy, comfortable and creative. 

You can make TrueKeyboard fit your personal style, too. Choose between the classic white or black key colors, or get inspired with the app’s specially customized midnight blue or pink keyboards. 

This application is fun, as well as functional! 

Unique features: 

  • Realistic 3D ergonomic keyboard
  • Adapted especially for iOS4.2 and the iPhone 4 retina display
  • Spiral notebook theme
  • User interface that can’t be beat!
  • Selection of keyboard colors
  • Auto-correction (based on your iDevice settings)
  • Speller (based on your iDevice settings)
  • Auto-capitalization
  • Share your notes with others via email and SMS
  • 3 font sizes
  • Supports 6 languages:
    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Dutch
    • Italian
    • Spanish

A real keyboard user experience awaits you here. Download TrueKeyboard now and prepare to be amazed. 

New in version 1.1 following our clients’ feedbacks and requests: 

  • Auto-correction (based on your iDevice settings)
  • Speller (based on your iDevice settings)
  • Auto-capitalization
  • Faster typing ability
  • iOS4.2
  • Bug fixes

Additional requests and feedbacks on the company’s website: 

Check out “TrueKeyboard” demo on YouTube 

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later 

TrueKeyboard - Koren Projects 
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