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When you are out seeing the world, the best luggage is the small kind. Hopping from city to city is much easier with only a backpack carrying the most essential of items.

Trip To Worlds is the ultimate travel companion app for travelers constantly on the go. Whether you’re trekking across the country or flying abroad, there’s no better way to ground your travels than at this application.

With Trip To Worlds, there is no need to lug around all your journals or even a laptop to be able to blog. Brief descriptions of your travels may be uploaded into the iPhone application itself, along with your most spectacular photographs. There is the option to rate the different places you have visited, so that you and your friends would have an idea what to do and what not to do the next time. Keep your precious memories close at all times with this handy mobile diary.

One of the many  cool features of the application is that it allows you to track where you've been, so you can actually visualize how much of the world you've seen—and how much you have left to go. Color in the world map provided all the places you’ve been, and you can even log in the total distance you’ve travelled your entire life.

Finally, what’s an app these days if you don’t get to share your activities with your friends? Connect to your Facebook friends, and watch as Trip To Worlds categorizes them by country. All your input to the application may also be shared straight to Facebook as well, by simply clicking on the selection.

This is the ultimate application for those with wanderlust and travel bug. It makes sure you don’t forget about any big or small vacation and it also keeps you connected to those who are living vicariously through you from home. Get inspired to travel more with Trip To Worlds.

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Do you love to travel and connect with people? Thousands of people do!
Trip To Worlds the ultimate travel utility! A mobile diary of past travels and global friend chart all in one, the app lets you save memories from memorable trips, check off countries you’ve visited by coloring them in on your personal world map, and even lets you log the distance you’ve traveled on individual trips of in total throughout your life!

Boasting a highly intuitive user interface, Trip To Worlds allows users find their Facebook friends and organize them by country automatically. Looking up saved friends is as simple as clicking on their home country from their personal world map or finding them via a handy drop down list of countries where you’re friends or loved ones reside.

Engaged tourists and active travelers can use Trip to Worlds as a complete mobile hub to record their touring, holiday getaway, and international journey experiences with its innovative Tour List feature too. This tool lets users compile a concise history of their trips, filling each entry with a written overview of their destination, picture gallery, trip rating, and total distance traveled.

Every tour overview users create can be shared via Facebook with the click of a button and visited countries can be marked off right on the apps Travel Map. All users have to do is click on the country they visited and color it in with whichever color they want. Meanwhile, the map automatically updates its ‘total distance traveled’ counter to ensure that you’ll always know how many miles you’ve trekked around the world during your lifetime.

Trip To Worlds is the mobile travel headquarters with a social twist. What are you waiting for? Travel and connect with Trip To Worlds at your side starting now!

– Find your Facebook friends on the world map
– See how many friends you have in a particular country and city
– Color your own map by painting countries you have visited in any color
– Write about your trips, add photos and share it
– See how many km you have already travelled

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later

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