Trip Suite iPhone Travel App with Over 470 Cities

Trip Suite iPad and iPhone Travel App with Over 470 Cities

Trip Suite iPhone Travel App with Over 470 Cities

Discover and Explore New Places Around the World with Trip Suite iPhone Travel App

Trip Suite is a travel app for iPhone with over 470 cities for you to discover. The travel app features a comprehensive set of GPS aided tools that let you plan, create, and explore new places around the world.

You can download medium resolution and high definition maps for any of the included cities which will work even when no cellular network or Wi-Fi connection is available. The medium resolution contains all landmarks and information for the regular tourist whereas the high definition guide provides additional map details.

Once a guide has been download you can tap on it to explore various points of interest to visit. The guides come with a custom city map, walking tours, a cuisine guide, antiquing guide, and shopping guide. Tapping on any of the guides takes you to a spate screen where you can view details about the city relating to your selection.

For instance when you select the shopping guide you can view a list of gifts you can buy, gift shops near your location, and create a self-guided tour to visit the different shopping locations in the area. The city map gives you a visual view of where different locations are in the city and you can tap on each of the locations to save them to the app.

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In addition to the city guides you can also use the trip planner to create daily itineraries and checklists for your upcoming trips. There’s also a hotel GPS which lets you search for the best hotel deals around the world and search for hotels near your current location. You can change your home currency, filter results according to star rating, available facilities, price and search radius.

The app’s user interface has a very beautiful design that resembles a bulletin board, with authentic wood textures and movable post-it notes to boot. The wide range of tools included from the guides, to the trip planner makes this a very useful tool in any travel situation and an essential app for the frequent traveler.

Trip Suite is free to download and is compatible with iPhone devices running iOS 5.1 or later installed.

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