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My Brushes Pro App Demo

My Brushes Pro App Demo

Our iPads have the ability to do so many things ranging from surfing the web to even recording videos. But while our iPads can do all of these things one of the most incredible features our iPads give us the ability to do is create things. While there’s plenty of apps for creating typical documents, the app “My Brushes Pro” takes your iPad to the next level in helping you defy the norm and create beautiful works of art. Channel your inner Picasso and tap to control your brushes in this app made for even the most precise and detailed of artists.

After launch all users seem to enter an app full of possibilities. Straight from the start there are areas to begin new work on canvases, access previous pieces and do so much more. The overall design of the app shows an extreme attention to the feel of a full on art room. Users will easily be able to notice that while the name of the app does feature the word “pro” the application actually strives to help you meet that level of artistic prestige. In doing so novice and even professional artists will enjoy the app feeling more like a tool than a quickly rushed art application.

In “My Brushes Pro” your experience with the app is limited only to what you create; and the possibilities are endless. Though most art applications on the iPad tend to try and pack in a lot of features they ultimately fail in flaw to their messy designs. With “My Brushes Pro” all tools needed to create are conveniently displayed alongside the outsides of the screen. In landscape mode on your iPad users can access a variety of different brushes from the left side of the screen, tap to view different layers and also do so much more. Whether you are creating self portraits or original works of art you can fully customize your experience to the exact colors you personally like and the exact shapes you want with over 100 different high-quality natural brushes to choose from. Getting what you want out of the app is possibility as you can even preview them all before you begin using them. Never lose your work again thanks to auto-saves and when finished share your masterpieces with the world thanks to convenient share options.

Separating “My Brushes Pro” from other art apps in the App Store is the extreme amount of tools and features added into the app but in a way people can actually understand when they use them. With an advanced brush system, unlimited options to redo and undo and more it’s quite clear to see that this application is the app you want if you’re wanting to create the best artwork possible on the iPad.

“My Brushes Pro” is available in the App Store for all iPads running iOS 5.0 or later for a limited time price of just 99 cents before returning to it’s original $4.99 selling price

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