Tracker for Facebook – App Review

Tracker for Facebook - App Review

Tracker for Facebook - App Review

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Tracker for Facebook (FTracker) is another essential tool that can be used with Facebook to get even more access to your friends!  FTracker uses both the embedded GPS locator in most smartphones and tablets, and the Facebook Check-In feature to conveniently map out where your friends are in real-time or using location history.  View your friends locations either by the pinpoint locations on a map or on a list.  Easily view and separate friends that are also signed up for FTracker or standard Facebook friends.  You can even message your friends via the FTracker app for instant connection.  The FTracker app is perfect for finding out which friends are located near you – at the mall, the baseball game, or the bar!   Discover new hang outs or meet up with friends after a long day of work – FTracker is there to help!


iTunes Description
Tracker for Facebook shows you where your friends are. View an easy-to-see map or list of your friends’ locations in real-time, or by their location history. Tracker for Facebook will even put your friends into an augmented virtual reality of their posted location. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this cool App today!

“New and Noteworthy” in the Social Networking category in the USA

How did I keep track of friends before this app?
“Wow, one of those apps that you can’t imagine how you lived without it…it lets you SEE where your friends are on both maps AND in an augmented reality scenario…I can see where all my friends are at any given time and place. It all feels VERY futuristic…I’m happy that this app puts me on the cutting edge of location aware app usage :-). Recommended. “
– RandolphRed

You’re out running some errands or on your way home from work or school when you suddenly get a great idea. Why not find out if any of your friends are nearby? You could all meet up for a drink and a few laughs before heading home.

Pulling out your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, you open FTracker and view your friends’ Facebook Places Check-Ins. Okay, you can see their locations pinpointed on a map of your area and yes, there are three of your buddies close by. Quickly, you send them each a message and arrange to hang out at the café around the corner for a while. Smiling, you continue down the street, looking forward to your get together.

You can always keep tabs on your Facebook friends with Tracker for Facebook. Want to know where your FB buddies hang out, or see the location of a new friend from a place you’ve never heard of? This app lets you do that and more.

Now, thanks to Tracker for Facebook, you can find all of your friends’ locations, both in real-time and by their Facebook Places Check-Ins. The only tools you need are a Facebook account and your iDevice.

This app makes it easy for you to view friend locations on a map or a list. Or a map and a list. Hey, it’s your app; you can use it any way that you want to.

Naturally, the app supports the iPhone 4’s retina display. That’s great all on its own but even more stupendous when you consider that Tracker for Facebook Pro lets you see your friends in an augmented reality, right on your phone! You’ll feel very sci-fi and a little James Bond-y as you watch your pals get out of a car, go into a pub or walk down the street, even though they’re miles away.

How can an application do all of this? With GPS technology.

Check out just some of the features you get in FTracker Pro:

  • Astonishing design, specially made for iPhone 4 retina display
  • Takes advantage of your device’s GPS positioning
  • Maps integration
  • Camera augmented reality (very cool!)
  • Find your Facebook friends and display them on a map in real-time
  • Find all your friends current check-ins and display them on a map
  • View friends’ locations history for real-time and FB Places check-ins
  • See your own tracking history for the past days
  • Local notifications for receiving messages, while your application is in background
  • Private messages inbox
  • Messages contain smiley support
  • Easy invite form
  • Map type settings in either miles or kilometers
  • Option to hide your public history
  • Ability to hide your location
  • Background location updating switch on/off
  • In-app purchases available
  • Help feature with lots of explanations and graphics so that you can easily get it started

There’s so much waiting for you in this app! Download Tracker for Facebook now and experience a whole new aspect of social networking. You won’t be sorry, in fact you’ll have the time of your life!

See this App in action here:

Legal notes:
Facebook® and the Facebook logo are trademarks of Facebook Inc.
FTracker is not affiliated with or sponsored by Facebook.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later

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