Track Mileage using Trip Miles iPhone App


Track Mileage using Trip Miles iPhone App

Tracking Your Trip Mileage on Your iPhone Has Never Been Easier

Trip Miles iPhone all is a comprehensive solution for keeping track of your trip expenses on your mobile device. The iPhone app gives you all the features you need to accurately record your trip costs so you can use them to get reimbursed by the IRS or your company.

The app’s interface is simple to navigate with a lot of customizable options to add to your trip information. You can add as many trips as you want and the app will automatically add up all your expenses within any given time period.

Your expenses are calculated based on your mileage during your trips. When adding a new trip you are asked to enter the starting readout of your odometer and later the ending readout when your trip is over. Based on the difference between the two odometer readings, the app will calculate your trip mileage and then calculate the claimable expense.

You can categorize each of your trips according to trip type such as business, medical, charity, personal etc. and add additional notes describing the purpose of your trip. Once your trip has been created you’ll be able to track your expenses and see whether or not they’ve been paid off.

You can also add a trip to your favorites for quick access and view reports about your overall expenses. The reports give you a yearly, monthly, weekly and daily outlook about your trips. Additionally, you can create your own reports based on specific filters and export them to excel or your email.

Overall, Trip Miles is a very useful app that will save you a lot of time and money during tax season as well as help you plan your trips more efficiently. The app is $2.99 from the iTunes app store and compatible with iPhone.

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