TouchyBooks for Kids – App Review

TouchyBooks for Kids - App Review

TouchyBooks for Kids - App Review

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“TouchyBooks” is a virtual bookstore tailored to kids. Parents now have an app to access and purchase books to share with their children.  This app has a scrolling feature that allows you to view the many titles and book covers that are available free or for purchase. Once you’ve selected the perfect story click to download or purchase and it will be added to the “my books” section of the app. This area holds all your downloaded books for future reading. Books available are interactive and will capture your child’s imagination – once you have a book in your personal collection it’s yours to share with your child over and over again! 


iTunes Description
A FIVE STAR FREE Bookstore app for kids! ★ Get your FIRST BOOKS FOR FREE!! Enjoy “The Candy Factory” and “Moon Secrets” on your TouchyBooks bookshelf for FREE! You can also find FREE books in the bookstore in more languages.

You’re kid’s bookstore that is easy to use, full of interactive stories and hours of educational entertainment.

TouchyBooks is an innovative children’s interactive bookstore app for smartphones and tablets. It gathers together a wonderful collection of stories to entertain children, stimulate imagination, clarify thinking, and to teach reading in multi languages, but above all to cultivate healthy influences.

Based around the idea of interactive participation and targeting children’s creativity and imagination, TouchyBooks makes the learning process more perceptive and intuitive. Each story is a creation made by teams of educators, artists and tech professionals who are all dedicated to wholesome and meaningful content for children.

TouchyBooks offers quality material for toddlers (ages 1-3 years) preschoolers (ages 4-6 years) and school-aged child (ages 6-11 years) that sparks their interest and adapts to their reading levels. We take into consideration modern culture, educational demands and above all, diversity.

In today’s world innovative technologies allow tools to bring our imaginations to life and expand our visual and tactile possibilities. TouchyBooks is dedicated to this very idea of offering imagination in everything we add to a story from innovative features, diverse designs and animations to original music scores for each ebook.


  • FREE STORIES – TouchyBooks offers your first books for free with your download!
  • FREE DEMOS – Sneak peeks of the book that include the first 5 full pages!
  • ORIGINAL creations, CLASSIC fairytales, and PUBLISHER collaborations with easy in-app purchases
  • MULTI LANGUAGE – Books are available in 4 languages. 
  • BOOK MENU – Navigate the store and books with easy an easy-to-use menu.
  • CHILD FRIENDLY – Each book is adapted for children of different ages.
  • GAMEPLAY – Stories include tons of funny animations and sounds that children can play with.
  • FAST DOWNLOAD – Easy quick download where you can see download progress.
  • FEEDBACK – Connect with with TouchyBooks staff for all your needs.

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Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

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