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On-the-fly photo editing on the iPad just got a little bit easier with Touchlook HD from developer COLORTIVE Co, Ltd.

Before we cover the interface and the mechanics of the editing, we’ll rehash the semi-obvious that taking pictures with the iPad can be socially awkward – well, at least it looks funny. Lifting a tablet up in a crowd to take an image may make some think they’re about to be attacked. Nevertheless, you can choose to use an image from your camera roll or sources, so make sure you are synched up with your iPhone or have your cloud storage at the ready.

The app interface is well designed and featured cool and sleek colors with navigation tabs across the top and bottom, neatly framing the main image area. Once you are editing, additional tools appear on the right. So once we select our image we can easily drag the cursors that appear to quickly edit the colors and contrast of our image in BMW, HSL and RGB mode.

BMW was my personal favorite as this tool focuses on the contrast and hues of an image, so you can get some really nice sephia and solarizing effects. Think of Touchlook HD as more of a quick color correction and hue tool rather than a Photoshop type of software.  Once we our complete, we save the image or use of the options to share or post to social media.

Although the app should be intuitive to photographers and designers, we could not find any detailed tutorials or instructions. Adding that to the right hand flyout tab or even some sort of action bubble would help any intimidated novice users.

At first thought, Touchlook HD seems very practical and useful to anyone taking pictures at a sporting event or wedding and needing to make some quick adjustments. In all, Touchlook HD is a sound photo editing tool and the moderate price of just $2.99 will certainly make this attractive to many.

iTunes Description
Photo-editing has finally been optimized for touchscreen practicality. Perfect your photos with the only photo-editing application built for touchscreens from the ground up.

TOUCHLOOK HD for iPad revolutionizes the way users edit and enhance their personal photos by utilizing the unique capabilities of the iPad. This unique new UI is incredibly versatile and intuitive. Share your images via SNS, or save them to your device memory.

Perform all of photo adjustments, including…
– Red
– Green
– Blue
– Hue
– Saturation
– Lightness
– Shadows
– Mid-tone (Gamma)
– Highlight
– Creates vignette!

Experience the revolutionary new TOUCHLOOK HD interface, which has been optimized for photo-editing with the iPad. Easily save and share images via email, Twitter, and Facebook.

Compatible with iPad 2 Wi-Fi and iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

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