Top News! – App Review

Top News! - App Review

Top News! - App Review

AppDictions App Review
Have you ever witnessed an event or took a picture of a news related incident and never had the opportunity to share it with the world?  Well now you can with Top News! Top News is a forum that transforms the general public into news reporters. It’s very simple… Upload your newsworthy image along with a description telling the world what you are witnessing and break the news before any real life reporter does. 

Top News! states that there are first, second, and third place prizes awarded based on the best news photo – there’s a button in the top left corner of the app that shows what each is.  I checked it out and this week it looks like Amazon Gift cards! The idea around this app is very cool, but this app needs more users. Top News! could really be useful in the future especially if you’re looking for amateur news, that in some cases is more real then what you see on TV.


iTunes Description
Think you’ve got what it takes to capture the moment? Do you have something interesting to tell the world through a photo or are you witnessing an event? Then tap onto Top News! and share your image, where it will join other images from across the globe in a scrollable gallery of first-hand glimpses of what’s happening around our world, as seen by its citizens.

We created Top News! as a place where everyday citizens can upload a newsworthy image, along with a firsthand description telling the world what they are witness to. Top News! welcomes any image you believe could shed some light on your region, its people, politics, local happenings or diversions. Top News! is news as instantaneous as an upload! Break the story before the news agencies, or draw attention to something you believe in. Top News! is an app devoted to first-hand and unbiased reporting and free exchange of real-time information.

“Favorite” those images that touch you or give great insight. See what photos other users have favorited, and learn what stories are catching the popular pulse. Top News! will award prizes to the three most popular stories each news cycle. Follow a particular story or keep track of a citizen-reporter whose work you enjoy. View news photos as they come in on “Latest News” and upload your own images via “My News.” View the most popular stories on the app on “Top News.” Top News! is a collection of snapshot stories from around the world.


  • View images by most popular, your personal favorites or latest uploads
  • See the news as it is happening, and see it first-hand
  • Picture descriptions tell the story of the image
  • Share stories on Facebook or email
  • Tell your story to the world
  • Photos are automatically entered into a recurring contest
  • The three most popular stories each news cycle will win a prize
  • Upload photos directly from your device
  • Create a unique Top News! ID for fast and easy uploads and contest entry
  • User descriptions provide a narrative to photos – or allow you to tell your story about your uploads
  • Celebrate the freedom of information and citizen-reporting

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later

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