Top 10 Photography Apps for iPhone and iPad


With today’s technology there are many new and exciting photography apps available on iTunes for use with iPhone and iPad. There are photo editing apps, apps for photo effects, and apps for pictures. These apps allow the user to edit photos, add frames, make collages, and even make pictures appear like they were taken centuries ago. There is no limit to what can be done to a photo or video for that matter. Continue reading to see AppDictions top picks for photography apps in iTunes.

360 Panorama

This simple to use, impressive photography app manufactured by Occipital, allows users to take panoramic views and share them with whoever they like. This app is available for the iPhone and iPad and permits you to capture scenes in ways you can’t with a normal camera. This is considered a great app for taking pictures with a 360 degree view. Not only does it take incredible 360 degree panoramic views, but the locations you take pictures of have a GPS tag that includes the compass heading.

This app is not only phenomenal and unique but it also has an enticing website. You can save your panoramas on the account you register and access them from just about anywhere, and it is safe and doesn’t cost you a dime! Users can even join a community where everyone shares the panoramas.


Color Splash

Color Splash designed by Pocket Pixels Inc., has been chosen for Apple’s Hall of Fame. This awesome app for photo effects allows users to change the look of their photos to give them an extra unique look that can be shared. It comes with a simple tutorial that will let you start drawing attention to your photos in no time at all.

The app allows users to use their finger as a brush, and change the shape and size of the brush output. You have the ability to zoom in and out with a simple pinch of your fingers, undo anything that you have done, save works in progress, and download photos from the library on your iPhone, Instagram, Facebook, and Flickr. This is a great app for sharing photos.

If you enjoy changing the look of your photos, than this app is a good choice for you. Enjoy expressing yourself with those around you!



Vintique is an iPad and iPhone photo editing app that provides awesome vintage photo effects and powerful image correction tools for your pictures.  Now updated with new message frames, you can personalize your photos this coming holiday season with meaningful text and eye popping designs that will make your photos stand out even more.


Pic Frame

Pic Frame is a photo app that gives the user the ability to choose a frame for any photo they care to upload. Designed by eyad ayesh, the app enables you to add whatever caption you feel fits the photo and save it. This is one photo enhancing app that you will want to share with your friends and family.



ProCamera is a powerful photo capturing app that will turn your iOS device into a fully-fledged digital camera. The iPhone photography app can take pictures using a variety of customizable settings and allow you edit them to near perfection.The app’s user interface is intuitive and is capable of capturing still images, videos and QR codes. There is a movable crosshair in the center of the screen that lets you set the focus point on your pictures and create a depth of field on autofocus enabled devices.


If you remember the old time photo booths, then this app will bring back wonderful memories! Made by Project Box, this app gives you your very own personal Photo Booth. Users can send their photo strips from this app. When it comes to parties, family gatherings, or holiday well wishes and thank you letters it’s perfect.

This Pocketbooth gives you access to the smallest photo booth around. It is simple to use; all you do is pick the strip you want to send, inform where, and everything is taken care of for you. Photobooth even ship them out using USPS the next day! If you can’t wait to see your photo strip you also have the capability of printing it out.

Take your next fun photos using Pocketbooth. You won’t regret the decision!


Introduced by Wondershare Software Co., Ltd., this top photo taking app allows users to take photos and videos while instantly adding effects to them in real time. Give yourself the freedom to make pictures and videos stand out. Add goofy frames or make a collage, the decision is completely up to you! This photo editing app allows you to upload any size video to social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or you can email them. You can even make your friends photos appear like they are looking into a funhouse mirror! Try this exciting and crazy app to make fun pictures that you could only dream of before.
PicsPlay Pro
PicsPlay Pro, by JellyBus Inc., is a photo editing app. This app is designed to let just about anyone become an outstanding photographer. It is easy and expedient to use, thus no rocket science needed! The app is available for use with the iPad and iPhone device. Choose borders, themes, textures, and stamps to make your photos distinctive and extraordinary. Let your imagination take you away!
Camera +
Most modern digital cameras all have scene modes to help you get the best photos for your particular situation. And why shouldn’t your iPhone have this great feature? Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or someone who’s barely touches a camera, Camera+ will make you love taking photos. This photo taking app comes with all kinds of films, lenses, and frames which permits users to turn their work into eye-catching art. 



PicsArt is a comprehensive iPhone photo editing app for users looking for an effective way to edit, save, and share their photos with others. Featuring an elegant user interface, and a wide selection of photo effects and image correction tools, this photo editing app will not only make your photos look great but also bring out your artistic side with every tap.


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