Tooth Monster HD iPad App Teaches Kids to Brush Their Teeth Properly


Tooth Monster HD iPad App Teaches Kids to Brush Their Teeth Properly

Now the iPad Teaches Your Kids How to Brush Their Teeth in a Fun New Way

Having a hard time trying to explain to your kids how to properly brush their teeth? Well, there's an app for iPad called Tooth monster that will help make your job a lot easier. Tooth monster iPad app is a fun way to teach children about the importance of oral hygiene and the steps they should take when brushing their teeth.

The app comes with a variety of fun interactive activities that your child can complete while learning about the importance of having clean teeth. The app comes with a storybook and a set of mini games. The storybook, known as Cavity Fighters and the Plaque Kingdom tells the story of Jinni and Bini as they go on an adventure to fight off the plaque monsters with help from Cavity Fighters. The story is an effective and entertaining way for your kid to learn about cavities and plaque and what can be done to prevent them.

There are also three mini-games included in the app. The first one is called Hide-and-Seek and is a game where you have to find all the hidden pictures as fast as possible. You can  play against your friends and see who locates each picture the fastest. The second mini game is called The Plaque War and involves players fighting off plaque monsters. Users have to tap on the screen to call in the cavity fighters in defeat the plaque monsters before they settle on the teeth and create their Plaque Kingdom.

The last mini-game that you'll find in Tooth Monsters is called Brushing Teeth. As the name suggests, this mini-game walks your child through each step of brushing their teeth. There are a total of six steps that must be completed to ensure that the perfect clean is achieved. Each step is illustrated with colourful drawings and a short descriptions about what to do in each step. At the end of each step, there is a progress bar that shows how well your teeth has been brushed.

Overall, this is a great way for your child to learn how to keep their teeth clean and will save them from having to pay a visit to the dreaded dentist office. The app can be downloaded on your iPad for $4.99 and is something worth investing in if you have kids that are aged 4 and above.

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Tooth Monster HD - JINIBINI ★★★★☆

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Download the Tooth Monster HD, and be a brave child who fights against scary Plaque Monsters.

Brush Your Teeth
You can learn how to brush your teeth properly in an interesting way with the "Brush Your Teeth" playbook. There are six steps to brushing your teeth, such as the outside teeth, inside teeth, back teeth and tongue. You will naturally learn how to brush your teeth properly by moving your finger and following the arrows. 

Moreover, you can get stamps to collect when you finish brushing your teeth. As you collect stamps, you can finally get the White Smile Crown.  Master each step of brushing your teeth and be a nice child with strong white teeth.

"Cavity Fighters' Song" vs. "Plaque Monsters' Song"
There are song anthems, "Cavity Fighters' Song," and the scary "Plaque Monsters' Song" in the song section. Sing along to these songs, and enjoy brushing your teeth.

Three times a day, three minutes at a time, within three minutes after eating. Chi chi chi chi chi chi… Defeat the Plaque Monsters, and enjoy the fresh feeling. 

The Cavity Fighters and the Plaque Kingdom (a fairy tale with illustrations)
The bestselling storybook, JiniBini Series 3, "The Cavity Fighters and the Plaque Kingdom" is also available as an app book!

It tells a thrilling story of Jini and Bini's adventure when they travel to the White Smile Kingdom in the Mouthworld through their dreams. As space villains, Plaque Monsters, find food particles, they attack them to build the Plaque Kingdom. How will Jini and Bini overcome the crisis? 

Meet Jini and Bini, as they drive out the Plaque Monsters by calling the Cavity Fighters.
Be the hero of the White Smile Kingdom like Jini and Bini.
"The Cavity Fighters and the Plaque Kingdom" has the My Book feature which enables you to create your own book. Record the story in mom's, daddy's, or your own voice, and make the only one special book in the world. How awesome!

Hide-and-Seek is a playbook in which you find hidden friends.
It has six steps with interesting pictures: 1. The Planet Meal 2. Explore the Mouth world 3. Food Particles 4. The Plaque Kingdom 5. The Cavity Fighters, Move! 6. The Cavity Fighters Win. And it shows the friends you have to find at each step. 

This is a speed game that a child who finds the pictures most quickly wins. Find out who won the game by clicking the Guide button. Is it too hard to find the pictures? Then, click the Hints button. The hidden pictures will move slightly.

Improve your cognitive ability while finding the hidden fun friends.

The Plaque War
The Plaque War is a playbook in which you earn points as the Cavity Fighters defend the White Smile Kingdom against the Plaque Monsters that invade the kingdom. 

If there are food particles left in a mouth, the Plaque Monsters make poop. Call the Cavity Fighters by pressing 'Click! Click!' to remove the food particles and plaque poop before the White Smile Kingdom turns into the Plaque Kingdom. 

Brush your teeth quickly and thoroughly, and win the plaque war!

JiniBini Fairy Tale Series
"Tooth Monster" is made based on the JiniBini Series 3, "The Cavity Fighters and the Plaque Kingdom." 
More JiniBini's stories are being created in the more amazing and fun series.

Now, shall we go check out what stories are waiting for us?


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