The Tools You Need to Improve Your Business – Podio iOS App

The Tools You Need to Improve Your Business Podio iOS App

The Tools You Need to Improve Your Business Podio iOS App

Podio is an application that provides all users with all of the tools they need to improve their workplace. Build your own custom work apps that cater exactly to your jobs and access them easily on all of your devices. No more struggling to get all of your work together, Podio is here to help.

After launch users are greeted by a menu to create or login into a free account. From here the application is openly displayed for users to peruse through. An area for workspaces, a bar for activities,and creating is available on the top of the screen while Podio apps can be accessed on the left. All open apps show on the right and notifications and more can be found on the bottom left corner. The whole design of the app is very clean cut and features calming blue tones that help to alleviate stress when working. To get started in Podio all users have to do is hit the green plus button in the upper right hand corner.

When there is a lot going on in your workplace it can be hard to grab the team together and prepare to execute efficiently. With so many projects on your plate, stress on your mind and so many other things, work can become quite difficult. Thanks to Podio you can stay connected to everything that you need while on the go on your mobile devices. To get started first users must create their own workspace. Their are plenty of corresponding workspaces for the app ranging from sales, marketing or even recruiting. After picking both your category and name for your new workspace by hitting go it is then created. Podio makes it extremely easy for users to keep track of all of the information inputted into the app thanks to the activity, tasks and contacts menu. Never again will you have to hassle with remembering what’s what. An even better aspect of the app are in fact the apps that live within the app. Podio is stocked with tons of great apps for users to add within their individual workspaces. Whether you’re working with sales, recruiting and hiring or even marketing there are great apps categorized especially for you. Add these apps and begin using them instantly, for free. Each app has been built for efficiency, with the end result of helping you out as you try and get all of your information for your work projects completed. Don’t just talk about your work, get it done with Podio.

Making Podio so much better than other business apps is the degree of functionality it contains. Staying connected with your business partners is easier than ever thanks to the social aspects of Podio. Use the messaging area of the app so that you can always stay up to date with your latest projects. Even get progress updates on all of your work in real time. Easily share and transfer files, data and more thanks to tons of supported integration methods. Search for projects and find what you need in seconds. The days of messy, tiresome workdays are behind you. Use Podio to get ahead.

A virtual office in your pocket, your briefcase or wherever you go Podio is always here for you. Download an app that actually works at helping you work today. Podio is available for free in the App Store for all iOS devices running iOS 6.0 or later.

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