TipItGirls – App Review

TipItGirls - App Review

TipItGirls - App Review

AppDictions App Review
TipItGirls is essentially a social network very similar to Tumblr and Twitter. As the name implies, it is designed for females, and can be used to get real life opinions on outfits, decision making or just to show off your interests. Upload pictures of whatever you are deciding on/showing off and set a short caption; briefing viewers on why you have posted. Views can then comment on your posting with recommendations. People that like it can rate it via a 5 stars rating system.

Like Tumblr and Twitter, you gain followers as time goes on and you also can follow different people who’s posts you find interesting/entertaining. If you’re a girl who loves to socialize, gossip about outfits/shopping, or just can’t decide on whether to buy something or not – then TipItGirls is the perfect app for you!


iTunes Description
Love it. Tip it.
Create a visual blog of the things you love.
Discover and follow other girls whose tips intrigue you.
Share what you want with whom you want – keep it private (My Tip It Girls) or public (all Tip It Girls).
Get honest feedback on outfits, decorating ideas, fashion, things you want to buy, etc.
Earn badges for gaining followers.
Badges get you cool stuff at great discounts, plus other exciting future benefits.
It’s fun, It’s free, and it’s only for girls!

There are many other exciting features such as messaging between users, built-in blurring for images and multiple image uploads per tip.

We will continue to update this app, so please send us any issues you may encounter. We are here to provide the best and most fun experience possible!

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

TipItGirls - Hahn Unlimited, LLC

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