Time Management with GTD iPhone and iPad Book App


Time Management with GTD iPad Book App

Improve Your Time Management Skills Right on Your iOS Device

Time management with GTD® is an eBook that teaches you how to use GTD strategies to improve you time management skills. The app is based off of Getting Things Done, a book written by David Allen.

This app is essentially a support tool to help you practice the time management principles that are taught in GTD. The eBook contains over a hundred pages of instructions, diagrams and self-assessment quizzes that describe various methods you can use to become more productive with in your day to day activities.

The app also points out a few apps you can use to increase your productivity on your iPad, Windows PC and Mac. Each chapter of the book covers different topics relating to the GTD approach to time management with tips about the best ways to implement the strategies.

Even though the app manages to show you some key strategies from, there are still sections of the eBook that require you to have a prior understanding of the material for it to make sense. In other words this app won’t be suitable for anyone who isn’t already familiar with the GTD system and what it’s all about.

However, this app will be helpful to people who want to take what they’ve learned from the GTD book and apply it in their lives. The app costs $2.99 from iTunes and is available for both the iPhone and iPad.

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