This Travel iPhone App Helps You Navigate Chester England


This Travel iPhone App Helps You Navigate Chester England

Discover Chester England in Chester Walls Quest iPhone App

Chester Walls Quest an iPhone travel app for anyone looking for a new way to discover the city of Chester, England. The travel app provides you with a first-hand account of the history behind the Chester Walls through real life quests and activities you can complete while visiting the surrounding area.

After creating your user profile you’ll be able to collect rewards, badges and shields. Quests are unlocked by going to the location on the quest map or by using your actual location to activate a quest. Each quest comes with a set of challenges you have to complete in order to gain points to your user profile.

There a hints located throughout the app that give you clues about how to complete the challenges you’re given. The challenges vary from each location; some involve you answering questions about historical facts whereas others require you to do activities such as taking pictures of locations around the Chester Walls and uploading them to your profile to get points.

In addition to the challenges you can also read about each location’s history and get some quick facts from the “Did You Know?” section.  There’s also an audio narrative included that tells you about your quest’s location through the perspective of locals residents. Once you’ve completed a quest you can leave comments and share your activity on Facebook and Twitter.

Chest Walls Quest is fully compatible with the iPhone and free to download on iTunes. Make sure you get this app if you’re planning to visit Chester anytime soon.

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