Think it, Make it, and Play with Custom Pokémon in PokéBuilder iOS App

PokéBuilder Pro iPhone and iPad App Demo

PokéBuilder Pro iPhone and iPad App Demo

“PokéBuilder” is the original application that allows all users to create custom pokémon and send them to their games. With tons of creatures to customize, and features that only help make for a great user experience, this is an app that all Pokémon gamers will love.

After launch all users are able to get right into using the application thanks to an in app step by step tutorial. Every instruction is made clear, and users are allowed to go at their own pace as they setup their devices and create their pokémon.

The creative process in “PokéBuilder is neat and elaborate. While the whole application packs a ton of features nothing is cluttered as you create. By searching or browsing all users can start customizing any Pokémon creature. From ability, moves, stats and so much more every user is able to create their pokémon exactly the way they would like to. When your pokémon is how you would like it to be in the game, just hit the “Upload to DS” button and you’re good to go.


Moments after going to the “global terminal” and starting a “GTS Trade” you’ll be happy to see your pokémon that you created in the app roll onto your devices’ screen. Now you can use the same pokémon you created to battle and trade with others online. The app only gets better with its features. “PokéBuilder” also gives you the ability to save any pokémon you make, allowing you to come back and load it at any time.

This app is perfect for novice to hardcore Pokémon gamers. Think it, make it, and play with it; it’s all possible thanks to “PokéBuilder”. “PokéBuilder” is available in the App Store for 99 cents, and is compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 6.0, or later.

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