Born to Race The Terribly Tall Tales of EnzoB App Review

The Terribly Tall Tales of EnzoB: Born to Race - App Review

The Terribly Tall Tales of EnzoB: Born to Race - App Review

AppDictions Born to Race App Review
The Terribly Tall Tales of EnzoB: Born to Race is an iPad App that is playfully interactive with all the nostalgic characteristics of a classic bound children’s book.  These traits make this app a truly enjoyable experience for both children and adults!  Follow along with EnzoB, the courageous little pup as he overcomes challenges while setting out to fulfill his dream of becoming the world’s first Formula One canine racer!  The Terribly Tall Tales of EnzoB: Born to Race is a beautifully written story that is packed full of one hundred and forty-five pages of exciting adventure and plenty of interaction that is sure to keep everyone captivated.  As if the heart-warming storyline and play-along wasn’t enough to keep you turning the pages, this app has been graced with all hand painted and drawn illustrations which bring more life to this inspirational story.


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Is your 6-9 year old interested in animals, pets, adventure or racing? Then he or she will love spending time with EnzoB! Born to Race is the dwarf beagle’s first delightful tale of racing adventure, in which he overcomes his biggest obstacle in an exciting way. The book’s hand painted artwork and playful interaction will keep your child engrossed for hours. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

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Your six and eight year olds are chuckling away in the next room. Smiling, you quietly move to the doorway to see what it is that they’re finding so funny. Ahh, they’re spending time with EnzoB. Moving closer, you can see that they’re interacting with some crazy, jumping fleas. No wonder they’re having so much fun! A minute longer and you can’t help yourself, you join in.

Everyone loves taking part in The Terribly Tall Tales of EnzoB: Born to Race. It’s a magically fun, interactive story based on the adventures of a rare, dwarf beagle who was born too short for show but had tall dreams.

EnzoB will inspire you as you follow his tale of overcoming obstacles to fulfill his newly found passion for racing. You’ll quickly learn that he is not going to let his short legs stop him from going fast! EnzoB develops a passion for speed and discovers a new dream; he intends to become the world’s first Formula One canine.

There’s plenty of hair-raising action in this book to keep the whole family enthralled. Travel the outback road rally with EnzoB, where things take a wild turn and present the little beagle and his owner with some new challenges. How do they fare? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

The character of EnzoB was inspired by a rare, real life dwarf beagle named Enzo who was born with a rare condition making him half the size of ordinary beagles, and blessed with twice the determination. Exploring his first tall tale will help you and your child realize just how exceptional this little guy is as he presents the undeniable power of dreams attained through persistence and supported by the magic of friendship.

A charming and delightful story isn’t all you get with this book. There’s tons of fun reader involvement, too. The sound effects are sure to set off peals of laughter and children can interact with other elements in the book, such as the sing along and the Tale Tracker bookmarker, as well. The Terribly Tall Tales of EnzoB: Born to Race is chock full of surprises for you and youngster to discover. You’ll even learn about some Australian wildlife.

These are some of the unique features that you and your child will enjoy in The Terribly Tall Tales of EnzoB: Born to Race:

  • A 145 page interactive treasure that the whole family will enjoy
  • Suitable for ages 6-9 but moms and dads love it, too
  • Particularly appeals to kids interested in animals, pets, adventure or racing
  • Inspires children to believe they can overcome obstacles
  • Vibrant hand drawn and painted artwork, visually rich and inviting
  • A playful interface makes content exploration a truly magical experience
  • Sound effects and amusing interactive elements just waiting to be discovered
  • Teaches fascinating facts about Australian native wildlife
  • Keep track of your reading adventure with the Tale Tracker feature
  • Exclusive pre-release of EnzoB’s theme tune ‘Dreaming big dreams’. Lyrics included for a sing along
  • First of a four-part adventure series inspired by a real dog

This pup’s story draws you in from the start and keeps children and adults alike, reading to the very end. It is a beautiful way to spend some quality family time.

Download The Terribly Tall Tales of EnzoB: Born to Race, now. You’ll be entertained and inspired, while encouraging your youngster to read.


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