The Largest English to Spanish Reference Dictionary App


The Largest English to Spanish Reference Dictionary

Currently the largest English-Spanish dictionary in existence

Word Magic’s English-Spanish Reference Dictionary is a comprehensive language dictionary for iPhone and iPad. This app provides users with up to date translations and language tools that make learning Spanish easier for beginners.

This app is probably the most fully featured Spanish dictionary you can get for your iOS device today. The current version includes over 40,000 new famous quotes and all entries from the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy which includes over a million translations and definitions.

The app comes with a list of synonyms and antonyms as well as examples of how to use words in everyday language. The dictionary contains more than 2 million Spanish conjugated verbal forms which will come in handy for users wanting an in-depth understanding of the various inflections in the Spanish language.

Definitions also come with quotes that give you an idea of how each word can be used in different contexts.  You can listen to the quotes using the built in voice reader as well as save and delete all favorite words with one button. The voice reader’s voice speed and gender can be modified and toggled on or off when needed.

From the settings menu you can choose whether or not you want to include pictures, regional flags or offensive terms in your definitions. You can also choose from three fonts to personalize the look of your dictionary. One other cool feature is that you can shake your device and a random definition will show up. This is an excellent way for you to expand your vocabulary and discover new words in your free time.

Overall, this is by far the best English-Spanish dictionary available for iPhone and iPad. The app is fully compatible with iOS 6 and is optimized to work seamlessly with the iPhone 5’s tall display. You can get this app from the iTunes App Store for $7.99, which is great value for money for considering all the features you get.

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