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A comet is fast approaching and the townspeople of Sourapple will lose all of their electronics, can life as we know it continue? The Comet HD is an original e-story book that follows Gino, Anna and Mark as they unsuspectingly become friends.

Every electronic device loses power for 2 days as the comet passes over in town, and without the conveniences (or annoyances) of modern technology, street mates Gino, Anna and Mark wander outside and develop a friendship.  Parents are also relieved and take advantage of the downtime to relax and re-acquaint. In addition to the pleasing story to which kids can relate to, a nice moral/lesson is told which can be appreciated by parents and children alike.

The Comet HD is from developer Bitluna, whose product focus is interactive applications for children, so parents can trust the application is safe and suitable for their children. The interface is straight forward and you can read this early learning/development e-book normally just as you would any book, or you can hear the story read aloud to you. There are plenty of opportunities to interact by tapping various objects.

The narrator’s young voice was a nice and pleasant surprise, as many stories geared toward children are read aloud by either recognizable media voices or those of adults. The British accent is clear and pleasing. The graphics are block fashioned and cartoony, but very solid and well thought out.

Other activities on the app allow your child the chance to color a couple of different whimsical illustrations. In addition, there is a neat little tune that goes along with The Comet HD for which, the 8 musical notes can be tapped and played.

While the story is a little on the short side, the morals taught in this story and the thoroughness of the application, will make the Comet HD a sound addition to your e-story book collection.

iTunes Description
THE COMET is the first story of the series KIDS2KIDS. It is an interactive application which deals with the psychological rights of children in a fun and creative way.

The right to make mistakes
The right to their own privacy
The right to be listened to
The right to be accepted for who they are

A comet star is drawing near to the village of Sourapple, a place where everyone is always busy and rushed off their feet dashing around all day. The arrival of the comet provokes an electromagnetic storm causing all electrical and mechanical appliances to malfunction, resulting in them being temporarily out of order. What on earth will everyone do without their televisions, computers and cars? And what will the children do to pass the time?

Listen to the story told by children, or read alone if preferred.
Have fun with the interactive illustrations and the character animations.
Discover the activities and the games at the end of the book.
Listen to the wonderful, original song and sing along to the tune following the words and the musical notes.
Watch the video and learn how to draw the story’s characters.

Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

iPad App:
The Comet HD - bitLuna

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