Teach Me Sushi iPad Edition – App Review

Teach Me Sushi iPad Edition - App Review

Teach Me Sushi iPad Edition - App Review

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Don’t let sushi preparation intimidate you when you have Teach Me Sushi for iPad!  Teach Me Sushi for iPad understands that proper preparation is essential in sushi creation, so first, it teaches you about the right type of equipment you will need, how to choose the right fish, how to prepare the vegetables, and how to make the perfect rice for your sushi.  Once you have the basics down, start with simple sushi preparation like Sashimi, Nigiri, Philadelphia roll, and the ever-popular California roll.  Once you have mastered the beginner’s sushi dishes, move on to more advanced crowd pleasers like the Hand Roll, Fashion sandwich, and Volcano roll (among may more!).  Each dish offers a video tutorial and a step by step users guide with high quality graphics.  As if these features weren’t enough to make Teach Me Sushi for iPad a 5 star app, this comprehensive app also includes a shopping list calculator that will help you calculate how much of each ingredient you will need (based on the number of guests you are serving), an easy-to-reference equipment list, a handy rice timer, and the ability to share your masterful creations with friends and fans on Facebook and Twitter!  The fact that you can take this app right to the grocery store or a friend’s house and access all these great features without an internet connection is one of our favorite features.  Be the life of any dinner party or impress a new love interest by showing off our newly perfected talents learned from Teach Me Sushi for iPad!


iTunes Description
Learn how to make all types of sushi with this easy to follow app.


This app takes all the goodness of the two iPhone versions (Teach Me Sushi and Teach Me Sushi Expert) and packs them into one gorgeous, gooey beast of an app that will have you making sushi like a pro in no time. We have over an hour and a half of how-to video crammed into this app and our lavish still photography will make you want to bite into your iPad. If you love sushi and want to learn how to make it – this is the most complete guide you will find.

For a video review check out dailyappshow.com/teach-me-sushi-ipad-edition

Our biggest claim to fame is that we have a ton of users who have made great tasty sushi using the iPhone version of our apps. Check them out on Facebook page here: Facebook.com/TeachMeSushi

Some cool people who like us said the following about Teach Me Sushi iPad Edition:
“Teach Me Sushi is the first iPad cooking app we’ve seen that combines basic sushi how-to with crisp, engaging videos and practical tools like step-by-step photos and a cleverly designed shopping calculator for party planning. Teach Me Sushi makes preparing sushi seem just as simple as tossing burgers on the grill or scrambling eggs. Jake can Teach Us Sushi any day!” Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs – food52.com

“The Teach Me Sushi Ipad App is incredibly mesmerizing, detailed, and easy to master. Not only did it make me hungry (great visuals), but it helped me get over my fear of hosting an authentic sushi making party. Jake really delves into the realm of sushi making and break downs all the essentials with the use of step-by-step photos and videos. After my first demo I felt like a sushi chef myself!” Carolina Santos-Neves – Epicurious


  • 15 Tutorial videos teaching you how to make all types of sushi rolls step by step
  • Visual step by step photo guides (over 300 pictures) on how to make the different rolls
  • A shopping list calculator that will tell you how much of each ingredient you need to buy depending on how many people you are making sushi for
  • An equipment list to make sure you have everything you need before you get started
  • A built in rice timer that will time how long you need to cook your rice for and then how long to steam it for. Giving you perfect rice every time
  • A map based on your GPS position that will show you where you nearest Japanese Supermarket is for you to buy your ingredients from
  • An FAQ video in which we answer and demonstrate the answers to the most frequently asked questions

Please note that Teach Me Sushi iPad is not your average cooking app, and thus requires a slightly longer download which is best performed on your computer. We thought long and hard about this, and even studied other cooking apps which we think are amazing, and decided that having all of the video content on your iPad all of the time without the need to stream via WiFi or 3G would serve you best. We’d rather you take a few moments to download everything with the app here and now then delay for even a second whenever you decide it’s time to roll!


Find us on Facebook at Facebook.com/TeachMeSushi.

Once you have made your first rolls – upload them on our Teach Me Sushi Facebook group and share your creations. We’re also around on this group to answer any questions and respond to feedback at any given time.

Follow us on Twitter @TeachMeSushi for the latest recipes and restaurant reviews

For more information about us and some of the other things we do check out our website here: www.teach-me-sushi.com

Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

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