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TapToTrack App AppDictions Review

Are there times when you wondered where did your money go? Do you find it hard to recall where you spent it? If this is the case then you definitely need to have a good cash flow management.

Studies shows that those who consciously watch their expenses, generally carry enough savings needed for difficult times. It takes time and practice to continually do so, and I can speak from experience. But with the help of TapToTrack app, this can be very achievable.

TapToTrack App Gameplay:

TapToTrack is a utility app for iPhone which main feature is to monitor your incoming and outgoing cash flow activities. Of course, this has to be manually updated. Upon continuous practice, you’ll end up relieved seeing that your cash flow management has improved.

Developed for the purpose of knowing where your money goes and where you spend the most, it aims to provide the tools you needed to better evaluate your spending habits. TapToTrack allows the user to closely record and monitor expenses versus income and displays summary reports based on the users request.

TapToTrack App Appearance & Layout:

The design is very simple and rudimentary that even an elementary student would understand. This is definitely an innovation that resulted in the advances of technology since these kinds of programs were once offered in a more complex worksheet format.

TapToTrack App Value:

TapToTrack is a solid financial tracking utility application, which is currently, for a limited time, available for free. For the usual nominal price of $2.99 and a required capacity of 1.3 MB, TapToTrack app can be installed and used from the latest iPhone and iPad with supporting iOS 4.3 and up.

Become wiser in financial matters. With continuous usage of TapToTrack, you can guarantee that you’ll have the money, or at least know where it went, when you need it the most!

iPhone App
Star Rating:
TapToTrack - Tomas Talandis ★★★★½

iTunes Description


– Have you tried tons of different apps but you still don't know where's your money?
– Is your wallet full of receipts?
– Do you usually track expenses at the end of the month?
– Expense tracking seems mission impossible to you?

Try TapToTrack – personal expense tracker that works.
– You will know where do you spend all your money.
– With TapToTrack you will no longer forget to track expenses.
– Your wallet will be receipt free.

With only a single tap track the amount you just spent. You can input the details later. TapToTrack will remind you. Try TapToTrack and you will see that expense tracking can be easy.


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