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In this country and economy, who isn’t looking for an easy way to save money on fuel?

App.Solutely LLC is all too aware of this plight and so they’ve developed an application that will help everyone save pennies on gas. Tank Pro is an extremely useful application that gives you gas prices of 95% of the stations in the United States – straight from the source!

What Tank Pro does is grab the prices as they are recorded in the national oil price indexing service so users can be assured in the fact that what they are looking at in their iPhone is accurate because it comes from a reputable source.

It goes without saying that this is a more efficient application than other applications that merely show figures that come from people. For sure, this one is more up-to-date, not to mention more relevant as it gives the fuel prices for the specific stations.

Tank Pro users can also make use of the Trips feature. Planning each trip and every rest stop is no problem with this app. Any iPhone owner can simply punch in their location and destination (zip codes) and they’re instantly provided with all the stations within five miles of the planned route.

The app is a breeze to operate and directionally challenged individuals need not fret anymore, because Tank Pro offers fool-proof, easy to understand directions. It also gives significant facilities like ATMs and convenience stores, so it is certainly a must-have on any road trip – whether it is just in the neighboring city or cross-country.

If you think about it, the directional features of Tank Pro leads to saving more money as well – owners will be able to save up on the gas they would have used up going round and round looking for a gas station and amenities.

At less than a dollar, Tank Pro is definitely worth the buy. In the long run, users will be able to save much more money and avoid wasting even more.

iTunes Description
Tank is the newest and easiest way to save money on gas with your iPhone!!! If you fill up at least once a week you could save hundreds of dollars a year simply by knowing where to find the best deals.

This sleek app gets all of it's prices directly from over 95% of the gas stations in the United States. Every time fuel is purchased at a gas station the price is recorded by a National oil price indexing service and sent directly into our app. Unlike crowd sourced apps that rely on consumers like you to tell them prices, we get it directly from the source and have the most up to date gas prices in the game!

All for free!!

Search by GPS, enter a zip code, even get directions from where you are standing. You name it, this app does it.

And, with Tank Pro, not only do you get an ad free experience but you also unlock our unique Trips feature. Ever gone on a trip and worried about where to plan stops? Or finding your grade along the way? Not anymore! Simply enter a START and END zip code and allow our map integration to show stations within 5 miles of your entire route! Save them to your favorites for easy viewing. Get turn by turn directions. See station amenities like ATM's, Open 24/7, Fast food stops and much, much more!!

Download Tank today and find out why our app is considered not only the easiest and most up to date fuel finder in the store, but the best designed as well!

Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

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Tank Pro - A Snazzy Little Gas Finder - App.Solutely, LLC

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