Takuzu a Sudoku-like but original, simple number iOS puzzle game

Takuzu a Sudoku-like but original, simple number iOS puzzle game

Takuzu a Sudoku-like but original, simple number iOS puzzle game

Challenge Your Brain in Takuzu iPhone and iPad Puzzle Game

Takuzu is a mind bending puzzle game for iPhone and iPad in which having the best problem solving skills is everything. Your goal is to arrange a series of 0s and 1s on a grid to complete the puzzle in a Sodoku-like grid. With a variety of difficulty levels and unique levels, Takuzu is the ultimate app for improving your problem solving skills.

Once the app has been installed to your device you can begin playing any of the preloaded games in the main menu or start a new game by tapping on the self-descriptive icon on the corner of the screen. Games of a higher level contain larger grids to solve and naturally take longer to complete than games at lower difficulties.


Every game you create will deduct a point from your game quota which has to be replenished by making an in app purchase. You start out with 50 game points and can purchase anywhere between 50 games and an infinite amount of games from the store. After a game has been started you have the option of using the auto solve feature to find the solution immediately or playing against the clock until you’ve solves the grid.

If you’ve played Sudoku before, Takuzu is almost the same in design except a little more challenging when you first start playing.  To make things easier, there is an opening tutorial that walks you through how to play the game so you don’t end up getting completely stumped. Overall, this is a casual puzzle game you can play during your free time or commute and is a great way to keep your mind in shape.

Takuzu is compatible with iOS 6.0 or later and is free to download from the iTunes app store.

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