Tactilize Enables you to Discover, Publish and Share Content on iPad


Tactilize Enables you to Discover, Publish and Share Content on iPad

Express Yourself with Tactilize iPad App

Tactilize is a beautiful way for you to share rich media content pages with other iPad users. The iPad app uses a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to create stunning interactive layouts which can be customized to any format you like. Whether you’re a graphic designer wanting to show off your latest work, or a blogger looking to engage your readers with exclusive content, Tactilize provides you with a better, more visually appealing way to express your ideas.

The first thing you’ll notice about the interface is the minimalist design, which is quintessentially modern and very easy on the eyes. The app’s user interface is divided into four sections which provide you with access to content pages created by other users as well as options to create your own.  There’s a “featured” section which lets you explore popular content pages, a “latest” section, an option to follow other users and another to publish your own content pages.

Browsing through content pages is effortless thanks to the sleek carousel effect that allows you to visually navigate to different pages. The app is very responsive and moving from page to page is smooth even when dealing with content rich pages. The featured section of the app is particularly fun to go through and a good starting point if you need to get inspiration for your own content pages.

In order to create your own page you have to register for an account on tactilize.com and create your page using your web browser. The creation process is very easy to follow and doesn’t require any technical expertise whatsoever. All you have to do is pick the various elements you want to see on your page and arrange them how you want them to show up. You can add pictures, videos, text and customize the colors and layout of each element on your content page. Once your page has been created, you can sync it to the app and share it with other users.

The creative possibilities are truly endless when you begin creating your own content pages and it won’t take you more than a couple of minutes to realize just how powerful this app is. Tactilize is free to download and is highly recommended for any iPad user.

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