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Who doesn’t dream of having the sleek body of an athlete? People would kill for that kind of body. They would wear themselves out working rigorously at the gym or they would starve themselves in hopes of unearthing some muscle under the fat. What these people usually neglect is the intellectual part of attaining that type of healthy body – you’ll hardly see a gym rat actually studying the bodies they want to achieve.

Peace Point Entertainment Group has realized this strange situation, and they moved quickly to correct it. After all, how else are you supposed to get that physique without knowing it inside out, literally and figuratively? And so Peace Point came out with a new application that’s called SuperBodiesHD.

This useful little tool is an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch application that allows you to actually explore the body of tough athletes. You’ll discover just what happens inside the body when it’s working out. Find out the physiological effects of such workouts, and how to get the kind of body you’ve wanted for years.

Graphics-wise, there is nothing negative about SuperBodiesHD. It utilizes cutting-edge 3D animation, as users are led in various parts of the body. The app is essentially a tour by Dr. Greg Wells through the different systems throughout the body. The good doctor is certifiably credible; Wells has studied the physiology of the human body thoroughly, in particular focusing on top-tier Olympic star athletes.

Although we’ll be learning from Wells’ research, you get to control the tour as much as possible. Navigation is so easy, as is the case in most iDevices applications. Just tap and slide through most of it. You’ll also be able to choose what type of athlete to study – badminton, gymnastics, boxing, volleyball, hundred meter dash runner or swimmer.

With SuperBodies HD you can learn more about the body you like, or want – the way you want to learn it.

iTunes Description
Silver W3 award for best experimental/innovative app

Bronze aToMiC award for best transmedia project

Get ready to discover how much velocity, precision and sheer strength it takes to reach the pinnacle of the sporting world! With the SuperBodies mobile app, you control and navigate the camera pod through the body of the world’s greatest athletes by dragging your finger or tilting the device.

With cutting-edge 3D animation and original videos, the SuperBodies mobile app allows users in a game play format to peel away the human skin to reveal what truly happens on the inside when star athletes perform.

Join Dr. Greg Wells on a self-guided tour through the circulatory, skeletal, muscular, nervous and respiratory systems. Dr. Wells (host of the Gemini-Award winning “SuperBodies” segments) is a scientist, researcher, professor and applied human physiologist specializing in extreme human physiology who has worked with numerous World Champion and Olympic athletes.

Sports include:
100m Dash

From the supersized lungs of a swimmer to the heart of a boxer, from the brain of a badminton player to the fast-twitch muscles of a 100 metre sprinter, you are never short on unearthing how the body reacts, compensates and copes with intense training, maximum punishment and pressure-filled competitions.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

iPhone App:
SuperBodiesHD - Peace Point Entertainment Group

iPad App:
SuperBodiesHD - Peace Point Entertainment Group

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