SUP App Review

SUP App Review

SUP App Review

AppDictions App Review

Sup! Is a revolutionary social networking app that encourages offline communication – that’s right – offline communication; the way our parents did it! GB Cubed delivers this multi-device app for those looking for a life outside of Facebook. You begin by registering for Sup! just like you would with any social networking site.

You add your friends and contacts to your Sup! list to share events, invitations and calendars. Create an event under categories such as dinner, drinks, games, music, sporting events and more. You can view your friends calendars and events so if Friday’s blind date cancels last minute, pull up your (or a Sup! friends) calendar and find out where the local cover band is playing.

The chat screen feature is great. Let’s say you select the Irish pub Thursday night. Simply click on the event and you are taken to a chat screen showing everyone who is planning on attending. Here you can iron out all of the details and logistics. This app integrates with email, Facebook, and contains a feature called Sup! Score for socialites which will tabulate how many Sup! events you have attended.

The whole premise of Sup! is a welcome idea which we really hope catches on.



iTunes Description
SUP! is getting together, made simple. It’s a social app that focuses on making time for you to see your local friends, in person.

More than a group messaging app, more than another way to invite people to an event, more than just a shared calendar… it’s a whole new approach to making the most of your limited social time.

Often you and a friend agree “we should get together sometime” but schedule clashes or communication breakdowns get in the way. SUP! handles the logistics of getting together, so those coordination issues become a thing of the past.

Here’s how it works:

  • See what’s going on. A simple visual calendar shows what your friends are up to and when. If you can see it, you’re welcome to join it.
  • Post when you’re planning on doing something fun. Your friends will see your event and can join it. No need to compare schedules and make invites.
  • Check in on a particular person you’d like to see. Just pick a friend, and if they’re part of an event you can join, you’ll see it.
  • Every event contains a persistent chat screen, so you and your friends are literally all on the same page when discussing the details.

SUP! makes it simple to find out what’s going on, join in, and coordinate; it’s the definitive way to get together.

Make the most of your free time, see your friends more, actually be social.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

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