Story Book App of Two Girls Who Find Serenity


Story Book App of Two Girls Who Find Serenity

The Tale of Two Young Girls Right On Your Mobile Device

I Run Away is a book by Louis Savagnone that tells the tale of two young girls living on an island. This book, created for iBooks 3, is a 60 page journey on your iPad that takes you across serene landscapes and through an intriguing plot that subtly explores several thought provoking themes about the human condition.

The narrative is provided through the perspective of two young girls who go on an adventure to find the definition of serenity and personal fulfillment. The book combines text, images and videos to give readers an immersive reading experience as they follow along on the adventure through the plot’s exotic locations.

Along the way, the characters experience a few setbacks and must work together to overcome them. The story is well written as is every other story by Louis Savagnone. The language is easy to understand and the presentation of plot elements makes this a very interesting read from start to finish.

The entire book won’t take you more than an hour to finish reading but it’s a satisfying read that will leave you with a refreshing insight about the value of life. The app is currently only available for the iPad and costs $0.99 from the iTunes app store. If you’re an avid reader or already familiar with the works of Louis Savagnone, make sure you add this to your iBooks collection.

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I Run Away - Luigi Savagnone ★★★½☆
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