Stop Baby Crying – App Review

Stop Baby Crying - App Review

Stop Baby Crying - App Review

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Do you have a new born baby? Do you get frustrated sometimes with all the crying? If you answered yes we have an app for you.  Stop Baby Crying, the great new utility app was designed by development company Morning Dew Games.   The idea around this app is to sooth and calm your 1-3 month old baby from crying. The app includes various types of sounds like natural, metabolic, and white noise.  Under these categories you will find sounds like adult human heartbeat, amniotic fluid, radio static, plastic bag, jet engine, and vacuum cleaner.  You might think some of these sound effects are strange, but there not.  The idea of these sounds are based on facts and represent noises your child was use to in the womb.

The user interface and design is set up very nicely.  We would have to say that this app may or may not work for your child.  Each baby is different and respond to different noises,  but for the price this app is worth a shot if you’re looking for some extra sleep.


iTunes Description
Are you having trouble soothing your crying baby? Babies usually cry for some reasons. “Stop Baby Crying” is developed to help stop them from crying. By choosing the correct sound such as heart beat, interference sounds, amniotic fluid , plastic bag, jet engine or vacuum cleaner because according to actual research, the white noise is able to secure and calm babies of 1-3 months . This is because the noise is similar to the sound that they heard in the womb before they were born.

(Please note that the result of Stop Baby Crying may vary)

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

iPhone App:
Stop Baby Crying - Morning Dews Games Inc

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