StockPOP – App Review

StockPOP - App Review

StockPOP - App Review

AppDictions App Review
When was the last time you saw your stock portfolio POP?  With StockPOP, easily view your stock’s Picture of Performance!  StockPOP get a quick and clear look at your stock’s performance and momentum throughout the day.  Choose the stocks you want to watch, add them to a portfolio, and assign them each a shape and color.  Each stock will plot itself on a 4-quadrant graph where the x axis depicts momentum and the y axis depicts performance.  As the trading day progresses, watch the shapes move up and down each axis and between the quadrants.  Tapping on a shape will give you the percentage change since the previous close (the momentum) and the 5 day performance versus the benchmark (the performance).  Benchmarks can be chosen in the options menu.  If you missed monitoring a portion of the day, simply rewind and tap play to watch an animated sequence of the the stock’s performance.  See the app’s full description for an explanation of each quadrant.  StockPOP works great with both the iPhone and the iPad, and while it is a free download, there is a monthly in-app subscription fee of $0.99.  Monitor your stocks picture of performance with StockPOP!


iTunes Description
StockPOP is a Picture Of Performance of the stocks you choose to monitor. The StockPOP monitor is a screen divided into quadrants. The application is a moving picture of momentum and relative strength of stocks you chose to watch. The purpose of StockPOP is to provide a quick look at a portfolio to discover which stocks are up, which are down since the previous closes and how each is performing compared to a market benchmark over the previous five market sessions.

Horizontal (x) Axis – Momentum – measures the percent price change since the previous close. Points to the right of the mid-line indicate a gain since the previous close; points to the left of the mid-line show the percent loss since the previous close.

Vertical (y) Axis – Relative Strength is a five day look at a stock’s performance versus a stock market benchmark. Points in the top half show the stock is out-performing the benchmark. Points in the lower half show the stock is under-performing the benchmark. You can choose the benchmark among the S&P 500, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, or the NASDAQ Composite

The StockPOP monitor is broken into quadrants:

  • Top – Left Quadrant – the stock is out-performing the benchmark; the current price is lower than the previous close.
  • Top – Right Quadrant – the stock is out-performing the benchmark; the current price is higher than the previous close.
  • Bottom-Right Quadrant – the stock is under-performing the benchmark; the current price is higher than the previous close.
  • Bottom –Left Quadrant – the stock is under-performing the benchmark; the current price is lower than the previous close.

Why use StockPOP?

  • A quick look at what is happening to your entire portfolio
  • Which issues are beating the market, which are lagging
  • Identify outliers requiring further research
  • Easily compare a number of stocks or a number of portfolios in motion.
  • Look for intraday changes in motion that might indicate a news item\
  • Spot stocks violating your trading performance rules
  • Use as a portfolio rebalancing tool


Add a Symbol:

  • Tap the “+” to activate “Add Symbol”
  • Type in Symbol then “Choose a Portfolio”. You can add the symbol to an existing portfolio or create a new portfolio. Upon completion of this step you are returned to the “Add Symbol”. Choose a shape for the symbol (there are 8 choices) then choose a color for the shape (there are 24 color choices).
  • Tap “Done” at the top right of this section

Format the StockPOP:

  • Tap the “gear” symbol at the top right of the screen.
  • Tap “Start Time”. Use the timer or choose “Market Open.” Tap “Done” to complete.
  • Tap “Interval”. Choose between 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes. Tap “Done” to complete.
  • Tap “End Time”. Use the timer or choose “Latest Available”. Tap “Done” to complete.
  • Tap “Benchmark”. Choose the Dow Jones, S&P 500 Index, or NASDAQ Composite. Tap “Done” to complete
  • Tap “Done” at the top right to complete the formatting.

Choosing the Portfolio(s) you want to view:

  • You can watch one or more at the same time (be careful about similar symbol designs)
  • Tap the Play at the bottom of the StockPOP display. You can halt the display at any time, or backtrack. You can add portfolios to the display as it is moving by checking the portfolio name.
  • Tapping a icon in the display shows the symbol and the Momentum (percent change since the previous close) and the Relative Strength (5 day performance versus the benchmark)
  • Add symbols, add portfolios, Have Fun.
  • With your iPad, use in “Landscape” mode to view portfolio names and stock symbols along with the StockPOP display.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

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