Stock Genie 2 – App Review

Stock Genie 2 - App Review

Stock Genie 2 - App Review

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In today’s uncertain market you need a tool and resource that helps you manage, gives you professional advise, and provides you with market news. Stock Genie 2 was created by Ashish Ajmani. The app provides you with all the information you need under one umbrella. The success of this app is shown in the numbers Ashish Ajmani has presented. Stock Genie is UP 110.79%  in 2010 and the picks over the past 30 months are beating the S&P 500 index by 160.43%. Need we say anymore about how successful you can be in the market today with this application? This application is highly recommended for anyone involved in the stock market. 


iTunes Description
The ONLY application on iTunes that has daily stock picks & actually makes you money! #1 Stock App on iTunes! Make Money Daily like a Professional!

What you get with the application:

  • Direct contact with an expert trader via live chat or email
  • Trading advice throughout the day via push notification such as “Move up stop loss”, “Up 3%, sell”, etc”
  • Breaking news updates on the stock and the market
  • Great short and long term stock picks
  • Rationale for each daily pick with short & long term price targets, along with stop loss price for traders
  • Discuss your portfolio or any investment with a trading expert

Stock Genie was developed by a financial professional with a winning track record that spans more than a decade. He is a trading expert, in 2009, his proprietary investment model outperformed the S&P 500 by more than 52%! This model is a hybrid of fundamentals, momentum, and mean reversion. In fact, if it was a large cap mutual fund, it would be in the top 1% of all money managers.

The applications daily stock picks have been tracked on Tickerspy with great results:

As of December 17th, 2010:

YEAR TO DATE: Stock Genie UP 110.79% vs S&P 500 up 13.74%

SINCE INCEPTION: Beating the S&P 500 by 160.43% over the past 30 months

** Week of November 29th: STOCK GENIE made 17.02% for its users. The market gained 2.28%.

Week of October 18th: STOCK GENIE made 7.9% for its users this week. The market gained less than 1%.

Week of September 13th: STOCK GENIE made 10.45% for its users this week.

Annual Stock Picks: All six are up & UP 71.81% so far in 2010
Mutual Funds: All five are up & UP 13.93% in 2010
Monthly Shorts: CSCO made users 16.4% in November

What others have said…….

“As a simple tool for finding good stocks, Stock Genie offers great features for helping you make purchasing decisions all while giving you an investment education at the same time” –

“Straightforward and easy to use” – Bloomberg

“The most profitable app in the entire app store. Pays for itself and your iPhone!” – Apple Bites

“Trusted, expert trader making all the right moves for his users” – App Store Apps

Complimentary website to the app has some new features. Paid website is now live. It has a full archive of every pick the app has every made with rationale and results, a forum to discuss trades, blog, and four in app purchases including annual stock picks and mutual funds for longer term investors, a stock to short each month, and trading tips to maximize each trade.

The model uses multiple sets of specific market data points including technical levels and daily market conditions for each sector to produce as many as 10 picks each day. Once these picks are broken down and studied in detail, the Stock Genie brings you the single best pick of the day. The pick is made between 3-3:30pm each day for the next trading day so you’ll have plenty of time to place a market or limit order.

When you have Stock Genie on your mobile, you take your very own advisor with you wherever you go. Have direct access to an expert trader via the website’s live chat or email. Whether you’re new to the market, or you’ve been around the block a time or two, the Stock Genie brings picks you can trust.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later. 

What’s New In 2.2.2 

  • iPad version of app now online (Stock Genie HD)
  • Push notification now working on all devices
  • New monthly short and trading tip
  • CSCO short made users over 16.4% last month

Stock Genie 2 - Bit Mantra

Developers Website

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